Bio-ethanol Fireplaces

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Bio-ethanol fireplaces – Wow!

Contemporary bio-ethanol fireplaces are absolutely amazing things. They let you enjoy a real fire experience in your home without the hassle and mess – and without the need for gas or electricity. These fabulous and highly stylish fireplaces simply run on clean bio-ethanol fuel. Just site it, fuel it, light it and you’re off. You can also take many of the models we sell outdoors, making them extremely versatile. Our freestanding bio-ethanol fireplaces are a particularly popular option, as are our table top bio-ethanol fireplaces.

Bio-ethanol fireplaces, beautiful by design

You can choose from a sleek contemporary glass fronted bio-ethanol fireplace design or go for something more traditional that looks just like a chiminea, Mexican-style. You can use a bio-ethanol fireplace on your patio or in the garden amongst the greenery – they’re very safe and highly effective. Best of all, they open up a whole new world of home entertainment, letting you make the most of your outdoor space even when the weather’s less than perfect. Imagine staying outdoors late, chilling and chatting in spring and autumn… even on a beautiful, clear winter’s night.

Expert help and support on the phone

Do you want to talk about bio-ethanol fireplace technology with an expert? Are you having difficulties choosing the perfect product for your home and garden? Unlike many retailers we know our onions and we understand the subject inside out. We don’t just sell them, we live and breathe them! Feel free to call and ask – we’ll give you a warm welcome.

Great deals and FREE UK delivery

We always offer the best possible prices on our indoor and outdoor bio-ethanol fireplaces. It’s a point of pride. And we offer FREE UK delivery on every order. You can’t say fairer than that. If you’re ready to