Halloween Fun With Fire Pits and Chimineas

Fancy some Halloween fun? This time of year has become one of the biggest as far as outdoor events are concerned. Once a fairly minor celebration in the UK, in recent years we’ve almost outstripped the USA in our enthusiasm for Halloween, AKA All Hallows Eve. There’s a powerful Day of the Dead trend emerging, […]

My Chiminea is Smokey – What Can I do About it?

When you fire up your chiminea, it smokes like mad. How come your chiminea is smokey? While there’s almost always a tiny amount of smoke, chimineas aren’t particularly smoky. It’s a design thing. Hundreds of years of trial and error means the design is extremely efficient and effective, minimising smoke. Using clean fuel like dry […]

Storytelling Around Your Chiminea or Fire Pit

The nights are closing in fast. Autumn is underway. But the end of the summer doesn’t signal the end of the chiminea season – the whole idea is a chim extends your alfresco potential by warming up outdoor spaces all year round, not just through the summer months. Now’s the time of year when storytelling […]

Smoking Food With a Chiminea – Awesome Flavours!

Chimineas are brilliant for barbecuing. Many of our cast iron models include slide or swing-out grills for cooking succulent steaks, sausages, burgers and veg. But there’s more. You can cook almost anything in a chiminea that you can cook in an oven, and more. Smoked foods have a unique flavour redolent of long, balmy summer […]

How to Get Started With Your New Chiminea?

Congrats, you’ve got your new chiminea. Now we often get people contacting us to say their new chiminea has already started to rust, or the paint is peeling. It isn’t because there’s anything wrong with the chimineas we sell. Far from it. We don’t do cheap and nasty. Every chiminea we sell is top quality, […]

What is the Best Chiminea?

It’s a question we’re asked quite a lot: what is the best chiminea? The answer goes along the lines of ‘how long is a piece of string’. It depends on your outdoor space, your lifestyle, your aesthetic taste and what you want to achieve with your chiminea. A gadget that delivers perfectly-cooked foods? Something to […]

New Chiminea for 2016

One minute Britain is hibernation, waiting for spring. The next it’s sunny and we’re poking our heads above the proverbial parapet, keen to get outdoors and enjoy the lovely fresh air. The chiminea season has kicked off with a bang, everyone’s feeling alfresco and our new chiminea range is ready and waiting for your delectation. […]

Spring tips for chiminea maintenance and care

If it’s been raining more or less non-stop since autumn where you live, you’re not alone. It has been a spectacularly wet and windy winter, and gardens all over the nation are looking well and truly ragged.   How to maintain a chiminea   You can use your chiminea all year round, of course. That’s […]

Blue- ass fly or chilled? Hot tips for alfresco parties

Look out of the window. Go on, take a peek. Is it sunny? Is it warm? Probably. We’re on the very brink of summer, a delightful time of year, and you’re mulling over the plans for your first big alfresco ‘do’ of the season. You want everything to go right first time. But what if…? […]

Perfectly easy plants for pots – Brilliant for tiny gardens

Young Woman, Passionate Houseplants Care Giver, Repotting Plants

It’s great when you’ve got a massive garden. You can site your chiminea, fire pit or pizza oven in any number of locations without having to think too hard. But when your garden is tiny, or you have a small city patio, your options are often limited. You want space for a chiminea or whatever, […]