Steel Chiminea

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Steel Chiminea – Beautiful, sleek, traditional or contemporary
The sun went down an hour ago. It’s only April. But you’re still outside, chatting and laughing, warmed to the cockles of your heart by your stunning steel chiminea. It’s the perfect way to use your outdoor space all year round, even when things are downright chilly. They’re efficient and highly effective, safe, versatile and seriously attractive. Here’s our very special collection of steel chimineas.

What’s the difference between steel and cast iron chimineas?

Steel is more durable, lighter and easier to handle than cast iron, but still produces an impressive amount of heat.

Large or small, modern or country-style

The Mexicans certainly knew what they were doing when they invented the chiminea. It’s been around for thousands of years. And the principle behind the design is beautifully simple: protect your fire inside a suitably-shaped container and it gets hotter, uses less fuel, gives off less smoke and even lets you cook food to perfection with absolutely no hassle. Move over bog-standard barbecue, the chiminea is here!

A variety of stunning designs to choose from

From small and neat to large and dramatic, we have smart stainless steel rimmed chimineas on offer, perfect for contemporary-style gardens and patios. If you prefer traditional designs we have plenty of those too, all sourced from the finest manufacturers and all with an excellent reputation for quality.

You’ll also find a range of oven-style chiminea, fireplaces and even the absolutely gorgeous stainless steel chiminea made by Teak, the Rolls Royce of outdoor entertainment equipment and beautiful enough to be awarded a place in an art gallery.

Your social life will never be the same again

If you’d like to take full advantage of the pleasures of having your own outdoor space, you’ve arrived in exactly the right place. We hope you enjoy exploring our steel chiminea pages. If you have any questions, feel free to call our experts and ask. We’ll give you a nice, warm welcome as well as FREE UK delivery on every order. And don’t forget to check out our special offer bundles, another great way to snag a bargain.