Azteca Chiminea

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The Azteca chiminea is popular enough for its own category, a chim people love for  great performance and good looks. Choose from a variety of finishes, each created by skilled artisans in Mexico. The design is traditional Mexican all the way, as are the subtle colours and the fat belly. This baby is built for burning, and she burns very well indeed.

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Why the Azteca chiminea works so well

They’ve been using chimineas – or chimeneas – in Central America for hundreds of years. Made by hand from thick red clay, the talented people who make them know exactly how to get the best performance out of the design. As you’ll see when you fire yours up for the first time, it’s easy to light then burns fast, efficiently, and cleanly.

Clay chiminea tips

  • You only need a small fire
  • The body heats up like a huge radiator then gives heat out into the surroundings
  • You need to cover a clay chiminea in winter to protect it from frost – we sell special chiminea covers


Azteca XL Mexican Chimenea in green and red


Azteca XL Mexican Chimenea in red with grey mouth and top


Traditional Mexican chiminea inspired by Aztec and Mayan art