Plumas Chiminea

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Plumas means ‘feathers’ in Spanish, which is just one of the reasons why this clay chiminea designs is such a popular choice. The attractive feather-inspired designs add an exotic flavour of Central America to your garden, and it comes in two sizes, large and extra large.

The beautifully decorated Plumas Chiminea

The large and XL plumas models both come with the same high quality performance as the rest of our chims. Made to a design perfected over centuries, they burn beautifully and once the body has heated up, throw out lots of gorgeous heat like a radiator. All you need is a small fire for a great deal of warmth.

Can you picture this on your patio, in the centre of your outdoor party area, a place people love to gather and watch the magic of the flames as the sun goes down? It’s also great for warming yourself up during wintery gardening sessions!

Clay & Mexican Chiminea

Plumas Mexican Chiminea (Extra Large)


Striking traditional design


Clay & Mexican Chiminea

Plumas Mexican Chiminea (Large)

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Inspired by ancient Aztec and Mayan legend