Sol Chiminea

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Sol, soleil, sun… whatever you call it, this is a very cool design. The sol chiminea comes in large and extra large,  a big and solid clay chim designed to last. The sun symbol on the front combines with efficient Mexican design to deliver a chimenea that works a treat. Fire her up with a low-key blaze, add more fuel gradually until you have a small but hot fire, and the heat the clay body radiates is impressive.

Sol chiminea – A brilliant focal point for fun outdoors

Get the fire going and you’ll find yourself irresistibly attracted to it like a moth to a flame. It’s a human thing. We love fire, it has kept us and our ancestors safe and warm for a million years. It’s in our DNA.

Grab one of these, put it at the heart of your garden life and you’ll be able to stay out there longer, later, for more of the year. Here’s to loads of excellent alfresco fun.