Garden Storage

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So you’ve bought all this amazing garden furniture. Some of it, or parts of it, can be left outdoors all year round. Other bits, including any cushions, need to be kept dry. You need garden storage, and we have a nice collection of it for you, specially chosen to suit our product lines’ cool grey colour schemes and classic looks.

Garden storage that looks good and works hard

Make it a stylish choice with our collection of garden storage boxes and benches. They’re made from tough, strong resin so they won’t rot or decay in the weather, offering you a safe and dry place for your garden goodies. Many of them can lock – just add your own padlock.

Soft greys and rich browns sit at the heart of our collection, a place where everything goes together perfectly. When you’re focused on deep to pale greys, which never clash with anything, it’s easy to create a garden where everything matches or blends together. Keep your outdoor space tidy and fresh, keep your stuff safe and in good condition, and relax.

Original price was: £409.00.Current price is: £370.00.

Keter Duotech Elite Storage Box in Grey


Florenity Galaxy Storage Bench


Keter Denali 757L Duotech Garden Storage Box


Keter Denali 570L Duotech Garden Storage Box


Keter Hideaway 1200L Storage Shed in Anthracite and Grey


Keter 625L Hingham Storage Box

Original price was: £269.00.Current price is: £220.00.

Keter 570L Brushed Storage Box


Keter Parcel Box in Anthracite


Keter Iceni 265L Wood Look Storage Bench in Brown


Keter Saxon Wood Look XL Storage Box