Cast Iron & Metal Chiminea

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Cast iron chiminea – Beautiful, practical and efficient.
Imagine the fun you’ll have when you’re able to use your garden or patio to the full, making the most of the great British outdoors even when the weather isn’t playing ball. Our cast iron chimineas give off lots and lots of gorgeous heat, warming their surroundings remarkably efficiently. And they’re so much more versatile than an open fire as well as being better looking, more fuel-efficient and safer. You can even use some of the models we sell to cook with as well as keeping you warm. Which means they’re perfect for top class outdoor entertainment with family and friends.

What’s the difference between cast iron and steel chimineas?

Cast iron is heavier than steel and produces a little more heat.

A new lease of life for your garden or patio

If you tend to avoid your outdoor space unless the weather’s warm, one of these will lend a lease of new life to your garden, even after heavy showers. Most versions come with a brilliantly simple but highly effective swing-out barbecue grill. Our collection of top quality cast iron chimineas come in a broad range of sizes too, from small and neat to huge and handsome.

Easy maintenance and good looks

While iron and steel chimineas depart from the traditional terracotta, they’re just as good looking. And maintenance is simple: just rub it down with a wire brush and touch it up with heatproof paint every few years and it’ll stay in great condition for a very long time.

Buy a cast iron chiminea from people who know their stuff

There’s more. We don’t just sell chimineas. We know all about them. If you have any questions, you can call us and talk to someone who really does know their stuff. Now that’s what we call a bonus! And of course we offer great savings and FREE UK delivery on every order. All of which makes us one of the UK’s favourite chiminea retailers.

Happy exploring – we hope you enjoy our very special selection of cast iron chimineas!