Gardeco - Chimeneas, Firebowls & Biofires

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Accessories & Fuel

Fire Blanket (120cm)


Larger fire blanket designed to extinguish small fires

Accessories & Fuel

Fire Blanket (90cm)


Designed to starve small fires of air

Accessories & Fuel

Fire Raking Tool


Ensure a better burn in your chiminea

Accessories & Fuel

Floor Protector


Protect your patio or decking while using your chiminea


Delightful Mexican chiminea with a delicate floral pattern

Gardeco - Chimeneas, Firebowls & Biofires

Forno Outdoor Oven and Pizza Oven


It's fabulous for cooking, and assembly is really simple.


An understated, modern chiminea


Small earth-inspired chiminea


Small chiminea with sun and flames motif

£249.99 £239.99

The largest of the Toledo chimineas


Large bronze cast iron chiminea with striking looks


XL Mexican style chiminea with a Mediterranean-inspired design

Accessories & Fuel

Heat Resistant Leather Gloves


Protect your hands and forearms with these thick suede gloves

Fire Pit & Firebowl

Ibiza Fire Pit


Fire pit perfect for larger outdoor spaces


Protect your XL or Jumbo chiminea over the winter.


Large size and attractive looking Steel chimenea

Accessories & Fuel

Large Chiminea Cover


Protect your large chiminea from the weather

Fire Pit & Firebowl Covers

Large Firebowl Cover


Protects firebowls up to 80cm in diameter

Gardeco - Chimeneas, Firebowls & Biofires

Large Garden Incinerator


Sturdy, efficient design - bigger for more garden waste!