Yes, we do contemporary garden furniture!

Pula Rectangle Dining Table

A chimenea can look modern or traditional. The shape is totally versatile and the look depends on the setting. This post is all about the setting. Here are some luscious images of the contemporary garden furniture we’ve chosen, a careful choice based on price, style, quality and the up-to-the-minute grey colour scheme everyone loves.

Pula Rectangle Dining Table

The Pula dining table is chunky, funky and a beautiful colour, tailor made for the outdoors. Choose your own garden chairs in whatever style you like, they all work well because the table’s design is so simple and classy.

Vandra Round Dining Table

This Vandra round dining table gives you all the convenience of outdoor furniture with beautiful, rugged real wood, a timeless design packed with modern charm.

Montril Outdoor 2 Seater Sofa

The 1950s-inspired Montril Outdoor 2 Seater Sofa is the last word in trend-setting, and look how lovely and thick the cushions are – that’s what we call comfy!

Volos Balcony Table in Charcoal

Charcoal grey is such a sophisticated colour and it never clashes. No wonder grey is such a hot colour for interiors and exteriors. It’s such an easy colour to deal with and the effect is ‘instant chill’.

Geneva Outdoor Dining Table

Sometimes the magic is in the detailing. This is one of those times. We love the shiny collars at the top of the legs on this Geneva Outdoor Dining Table. Teamed with the mid-grey texture, it’s SO smart!

Nardo Contemporary Dining Chairs x 2

These Nardo Contemporary Dining Chairs deliver oodles of style with their curvy seats, resin rope backs, slim metal legs and sleek styling, crafted to complement modern gardens.

Rezay Director Style Armchair in Whitewash

Bringing a fresh new twist to the old-school directors chair design, this Rezay Director Style Armchair in Whitewash is contemporary every step of the way: cool, calm, and wonderfully collectable.

Cassis 2 Seater Bistro / Tea Set

The resin rope used to create this outstanding Cassis 2 Seater Bistro and Tea Set is good-looking, tough, resilient and weatherproof. There’s no mistaking the quality either, these bunnies are made to last.

Cannes Lounge Set in Grey

Sometimes a product is too cool for words. Isn’t this beautiful? The Cannes Lounge Set in Grey has blown our mind. We know someone who’s bought one for their lounge, for indoor use, it’s so nice.

Sovera Rectangle Dining Set with Rising Table

Simplicity of design, on-trend colours and a rugged build make this modern Sovera Rectangle Dining Set with Rising Table extra-special, a popular choice with our customers for its clean lines, versatile seating and generous-sized table.

Florenity Grigio Plant Stand

And last but not least… modern garden accessories. We have stacks of stylish bits and bobs to complete the picture at your place, like this ultra-modern plant stand in a gorgeous deep grey. Perfect!