How do They Make Clay Chimineas?

Mexican grapes extra large chiminea

Chimineas, also called pot-bellied ovens, were invented in the 1600s in Mexico but can be traced back to Spain. The chimney directs smoke up into the air, protecting the fire inside, and the bulbous design means you can set a good blaze that isn’t affected by wind or rain. So how is a clay chiminea […]

Mexican Art Chimineas: Beautiful Botella, Awesome Altiplano

Mexican Art chimineas are some of our best sellers, a popular member of our already huge and fast-growing clay chiminea family. Every design is uniquely shaped, beautifully hand-crafted in Mexico by local artisans, and they’re coming up with gorgeous new designs all the time. As we write this post it’s steaming hot outside, perfect chim […]

Should I use sand, gravel or pumice / lava stones in a clay chiminea?

  A very common question that we get asked is whether you should use pumice stones (aka lava stones), gravel or sand in the bottom of a clay chiminea. So for those new to chimineas you need to add a layer of insulating material in the belly of your traditional clay chiminea (there are modern […]