Need BIG garden shade? Choose this large gazebo!

Norfolk Leisure Runcton Polycarbonate 3x3m Gazebo

We focus on chimeneas, the best way to stay warm outdoors in style. But we also feature a small yet perfectly-formed collection of garden furniture, including the best large gazebo we’ve ever seen. If you’re keen to stay cool this summer – and let’s hope it’s a sunny one – this gorgeous large gazebo will rock your world. Let’s explore.

The magnificent Norfolk Leisure Runcton Polycarbonate 3x3m large Gazebo

Norfolk Leisure Runcton Polycarbonate 3x3m Gazebo

Plenty of us have rooms in our homes smaller than this huge gazebo. At almost ten feet square it’s a beast, and a good-looker too.

The colour, for a start, is the ultimate in classy, a delicious on-trend deep grey that looks good in every setting, subtly sitting back to let your garden take the lime light. As you can see from the photos you can either have the thick, top quality curtains open or shut. When they’re closed it offers privacy for late night partying and dining. Opened up it provides the shade you need as well as seclusion and shelter from the sun, wind and showers.

Norfolk Leisure Runcton Polycarbonate 3x3m Gazebo

It’s a rugged build, designed to last and last, made from tough modern materials that resist the weather really well. Unlike a cheapo model it won’t blow away. A popular member of Norfolk Leisure’s brilliant Garden Must Haves collection, every aspect is great quality. This is the complete opposite of ‘flimsy’.

The frame’s made from strong rust-less Aluminium and the roof panels are made from rugged 7mm Polycarbonate. Along with the fabric made from quality Polyester, it’s better-made than most and a whole lot better than your average model, the plasticky types you’re always worried will blow away in the slightest wind, only really any good for rough and ready camping and festivals.

Measuring a total of H 263 x W 300 x D 300cm, it’s your route to more garden fun than ever before. And all this wonderment comes with a weight of just 54kg. Very cool.

Al in all it offers a lot more flexibility than an ordinary one. It isn’t just an incidental item to sit under. It’s an entire room outdoors. You can embellish it and decorate it, hang it with cool LED fairy lights, light it with LED lanterns, solar or otherwise, and hang floaty fabric to create an exotic yurt-like feel.

Set your garden furniture up in it, dine inside it, play music, create your own garden disco, and keep the kids, pets and sun-sensitive friends and family out of harm’s way. If you like you can work in it, setting up your desktop, laptop or phone along with a table and chair. The baby can sleep safely and peacefully under it. Let your teens sleep out in it. Hold a coffee morning in it, or a posh tea party, or a birthday bash.

Norfolk Leisure Runcton Polycarbonate 3x3m Gazebo

Erect it on the patio, lawn or deck in no time – it’s so easy to assemble. Fold it back up at the end of the day or leave it out – it’s showerproof. This is a gazebo for life so whatever you do, make the most of it!