Want a black chimenea? Smart move!

Large Tia Chimenea in Black, inc BBQ grill

When you like life sleek and simple, a glazed black chimenea is the way to go. Whatever your garden’s like it’ll look great. Here’s a peek at the glazed clay chiminea and black metal chimineas everyone’s talking about this season and the reasons why they’re such a popular buy.

The magic of black – Instant cool

Black and gardens go together like strawberries and cream. While white paint brightens a space but pulls the walls inwards to make it seem smaller. Dark colours open things up, making a space feel a whole lot bigger. And that makes black an excellent choice for your garden. When your patio is concrete grey and your garden fences brown, adding black completely transforms the atmosphere.

A coat of specialist black paint on garden fences and walls is a low cost, instant way to make a beautiful backdrop for your plants, garden furniture and garden accessories. Concrete paint turns a dull patio into a super-smart surface. Stain or paint an old wooden bench black to give it a new lease of life. It’ll all match perfectly and effortlessly.

You’ll love the way the greens of the leaves and colours of the flowers sing out against black to give you a lush luxurious feel full of contemporary drama. Black feels unexpectedly warm and welcoming night and day, all year round. Add garden lighting and you’ve created a masterpiece with very little effort bearing in mind how dramatic the difference is. Add black or grey garden furniture and you get top class garden eye-candy.

So… here’s one of the heroes of the story – the large Sempra Chimalin AFC Chiminea in glazed black.

Sempra Chimalin AFC Chiminea - Glazed Black

Hand made in Mexico, the red clay body of the chimenea is bisque fired then glazed and fired again to give you this smooth, shiny finish. The big mouth gives you an excellent draw therefore a fuel-efficient and surprisingly hot fire. There’s no need for a big fire, it’ll heat up fast with a smaller one.

You can cook on the top using a cast iron cookpot and inside with a variety of grills and other chiminea accessories. It’s perfect for stuff you cook on skewers. There’s very little smoke, the design is too efficient for that, and the clay is Chimalin AFC, eight years in development and safer from heat stress than any other chimenea clay.

If you fancy a grey chiminea, there’s this as well.

Sempra large Chimalin AFC chimenea in glazed light grey, including lid & stand
Sempra large Chimalin AFC chimenea in glazed light grey, including lid & stand

We have a range of stylish black metal chimineas, all as tough as nails and good-looking. Which black chiminea will you choose for your soon-to-be-gorgeous black garden entertainment space?

Large Tia Chimenea in Black, inc BBQ grill
Large Tia Chimenea in Black, inc BBQ grill