Buy a chimenea for mood lighting, heat and food

chiminea shop

So your garden is really wee? You might not have space for a separate patio heater, BBQ, and atmospheric lighting. The solution is here, and it’s a gorgeous one – Buy a chimenea to do all three at once: lots of heat, beautiful light effects, plus a simple way to cook a remarkable variety of […]

Chimineas and covid – meeting family outdoors!

Meeting family outdoors in covid with chiminea

Chimineas and covid. It’s a match made in heaven. Who knew, when we started the business, that we’d end up a primary provider of chimineas to a nation flattened by a pandemic? There we were, trundling along happily, selling chimineas around the UK, then covid hit, everyone was locked down, and one of the weirdest […]

Blue- ass fly or chilled? Hot tips for alfresco parties

Look out of the window. Go on, take a peek. Is it sunny? Is it warm? Probably. We’re on the very brink of summer, a delightful time of year, and you’re mulling over the plans for your first big alfresco ‘do’ of the season. You want everything to go right first time. But what if…? […]

Brilliant party games to make a chiminea gathering go with a swing

garden party games around your chiminea

Winter? Pah! You fearlessly throw ice cubes down the very string vest of winter, without a care in the world, thanks to your chiminea. As long as it isn’t actually raining or sleeting you’ll stay warm. Actually, although you’re not meant to light a chiminea indoors, you can fire her up under a car port […]

More of Your Chiminea Questions… Answered!

Every now and again we like to gather together a bunch of common chiminea questions, regularly asked by our customers, and answer them for you. It’s that time again. Here are answers to some of the chiminea questions we’ve been asked more than once in the past couple of months. It’s really hot and dry […]

Real Life Chiminea Stories – Two Go Mad in North Devon

So how do people actually use their chimineas? Different people use their chimineas in different ways. We talked to Kate and Tony over in remote North Devon about their chim experiences, and got them to send us some photos. Kate and Tone’s chiminea adventures “We bought our beautiful cast iron chiminea from the Chiminea Shop […]

How to Enjoy Alfresco Fun When the Weather’s Rubbish

Well, what a summer it has been so far. We had a heatwave of monster proportions in June, then it started raining… and in much of the UK it has kept on raining more or less ever since. If you’ve been looking forward to a season of alfresco fun but the unusually soggy weather has […]

Garden Design for Chiminea Lovers – Maximise the Fun!

You’ve bought a beautiful chiminea for your garden, patio or back yard. But your outdoor space isn’t really up to scratch. In fact it’s a bit rubbish. Sadly you’re no gardening expert, about as far from being a garden designer as it gets. So how do you create a chiminea-friendly space that looks good all […]

Chim Virgin? Here’s What to Expect From the Chiminea Experience

You might not have heard of chimineas until recently. You might already know about them and what they do. Either way you’re a chim virgin. Here’s what you can expect from shopping with us, plus insight into the chiminea experiences one of our customers had with their first ever chim. Chiminea experiences – What to […]

Cold And Frosty? Who Cares? Using a Chiminea in Winter

In Britain we’re used to shelving outdoor fun until the weather’s good enough. And that in itself can be a challenge. How many non-summer days do you get when it isn’t too windy, the temperature is comfortable, and it’s dry? Not too many! Luckily a simple chiminea is all you need to make this winter […]