Chimineas and covid – meeting family outdoors!

Meeting family outdoors in covid with chiminea

Chimineas and covid. It’s a match made in heaven. Who knew, when we started the business, that we’d end up a primary provider of chimineas to a nation flattened by a pandemic? There we were, trundling along happily, selling chimineas around the UK, then covid hit, everyone was locked down, and one of the weirdest summers in living memory began. These days, with outdoors still the safest place to meet for plenty of us, chimineas remain more popular than ever.

Chimineas save the day for at-risk relatives and friends

Are you particularly vulnerable to the virus? Maybe a family member is still having to be more careful than most people, so you need to keep them safe. Perhaps you haven’t caught covid yet and you’re determined not to. You may have already had a dose of the virus and don’t want to catch it again.

Meeting the people you love indoors isn’t always safe. Meeting outdoors, especially when the weather isn’t so good, isn’t always possible and if it is, it isn’t much fun. Unless, of course, you have an outdoor space to retreat to and a chiminea to keep you lovely and warm.

Chimineas and covid – Instant alfresco fun all year round

Luckily chimineas and covid go together like strawberries and cream. Buy yourself a chimenea and you instantly open up the potential for alfresco fun with friends and family. Because you’re outdoors it’s much less risky for vulnerable people worried about covid. You could buy a chiminea for a vulnerable parent or relative to put in their garden, on their deck or patio, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the company of the family outdoors all year round, day and night, whatever the virus is getting up to.

Omicron is retreating fast. The egg-heads are keeping a close eye on the BA.2 variant, a new player in the omicron family. But we could easily see a new and more dangerous variant emerge, and the more of us catch covid the bigger the risk of new variants is. No wonder so many people have been investing in a chiminea, and no wonder the surge in chim popularity isn’t slowing down.

Imagine this – Chimineas save the day

Picture this. It’s cold and grey outdoors but you’re having lovely time with your mum, your other half and the kids out on the patio, warmed by a cheerful, pot-bellied Mexican clay chiminea. All you do is light a small fire and it’ll soon heat up the clay like a great big radiator, shovelling heat out 360 degrees, in every direction, to warm everyone standing or sitting around it. Add bottle of something chilled. Buy a grill for your chimenea and cook tasty food. Or imagine this. It has been a balmy summer night and you’re with good friends, but it’s getting chilly. You don’t want the fun to stop so you fire up your chim and stay out until sunrise, warmed by its friendly glow.

If you haven’t enjoyed the chiminea effect yet, now’s the time to treat yourself to a simple way of making life more fun and keeping those you love safer as the pandemic rumbles on. Chimineas and covid go so well together!

Stay safe, stay warm, have fun.