Go for a glorious glossy glazed chimenea!

Colima Chiminea - Real Glaze Dark Green

Love the colour aubergine, a beautiful deep shade on the purple scale? How about a gorgeous bottle green, a shiny finish adding class to your garden? Then there’s a deep cherry red. Which will you choose? Welcome to our glossy glazed chimenea feature, a post starring some of the smoothest clay chimeneas in town. The […]

Chimenea answers to get you on the right track

Chimenea questions answered

Looking for chimenea answers? You’ve arrived! We sell chimineas. Some are clay, made in Mexico by local craftspeople who’ve been doing it for years. Some are plain, some feature fabulous decoration, but they all work beautifully to warm an outdoor space, keep people cosy outside, and cook luscious BBQ food. Others are metal, designed for […]

Fire Pit or Chiminea – Which Gets Hotter?

Which gets hotter, chiminea or firepit

Fire Pit of Chiminea? It’s a tough one. You’re trying to choose between a chiminea and a fire pit, but which is the hottest? Well, that’s easy enough. A chimenea will usually get hotter than a fire pit of the same size. Why? Because the clever shape means the fire is contained, heating up the […]

Christmas Gift Fun – Why Not Buy a Chiminea?

Treat Someone you love to years of alfresco pleasure When you buy someone a chiminea as a gift, you’re not just buying a useful, practical object. You’re treating them to years and years of pleasure. Whether that means giving them the kit they need to spend time outdoors together around a real fire – romantic […]

How Big Do You Go? Your Chiminea Size Guide

There’s a huge choice of stunning, stylish chimineas to choose from, every one of which has what it takes to grace your garden and delight your senses. There’s something about that typical chunky, smooth, fat belly and slim chimney that balances beautifully, whatever the design, whatever it’s made of, from clay to cast iron or […]

Contemporary Chiminea – We pick the newest options

Chimineas have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years for cooking and warmth by cultures around the world, in Mexico and beyond. The shape is perfectly designed for the job in hand, and has never really been improved upon. But that doesn’t mean every chiminea has to be traditional in design – so […]

What is the Best Chiminea?

It’s a question we’re asked quite a lot: what is the best chiminea? The answer goes along the lines of ‘how long is a piece of string’. It depends on your outdoor space, your lifestyle, your aesthetic taste and what you want to achieve with your chiminea. A gadget that delivers perfectly-cooked foods? Something to […]

Cast Iron Chiminea Versus Clay Chiminea – How to Choose?

Cast iron is sleek, dark, good-looking and resilient. A cast iron chiminea shoves out enormous amounts of heat. Clay is smooth, beautiful and durable. A clay chiminea throws out vast amounts of heat. Hm. How do you decide which is best for you? About clay and cast iron chiminea We thought it’d be handy to […]

Chimalin AFC Chimineas – A Brief History

Continuing the theme of getting more background information about new chimineas we now move on to the most exciting innovation of all – Chimalin AFC (Advanced Fire Clay). These chimineas are guaranteed against cracking from heat (not from being dropped!) and even come with a 5 year guarantee from Gardeco the manufacturer. We spoke with Isabelle […]