Go for a glorious glossy glazed chimenea!

Colima Chiminea - Real Glaze Dark Green

Love the colour aubergine, a beautiful deep shade on the purple scale? How about a gorgeous bottle green, a shiny finish adding class to your garden? Then there’s a deep cherry red. Which will you choose? Welcome to our glossy glazed chimenea feature, a post starring some of the smoothest clay chimeneas in town.

Sempra Chimalin AFC Chiminea - Glazed Green

The attractive pea green model above looks perfect in every garden setting, a subtle way to add heat, light and fun to your outdoor life.

What is a glazed chimenea?

Clay chimeneas are made from natural clay, the same kind of red terracotta clay used to make regular old-fashioned plant pots. The clay is fired to a high temperature to harden it. A glazed chiminea gets a second kiln firing at a lower temperature, hot enough to fuse the glass particles in the glaze and burn the water off. In this case the result is a wonderful shiny surface, but there are also some stunning matt glazed finishes.

Once the surface is glazed it is waterproof from the outside but not from the inside. Your glazed clay chimenea will need the same care as an unglazed or painted model: a small fire built up slowly on top of a layer of volcanic stones, no need for a roaring blaze, cover it in winter to protect it against the frost.

Colima Mexican Chiminea, real glaze red (large)

Can you imagine this cherry red chimenea sitting against a background of scarlet blooms, or standing loud and proud in front of fresh crisp greenery? It’s really beautiful.

The glazed chimenea look

As you’ll see when you go exploring our store, chimeneas come in all sorts of finishes and designs. The glossy glazed look gives you a more vivid, deeper colour that reflects the light. It’s less natural than a painted finish, more dramatic. All the available colours are designed to complement a garden backdrop, including a stand-out fresh cream glossy finish and a black gloss chimenea that’ll blend into the background beautifully, if that’s what you want.

Asteria XL Chimalin AFC chimenea in glazed purple, including lid & stand
Asteria XL Chimalin AFC chimenea in glazed purple, including lid & stand

Doesn’t the purple chimenea above complement the greens of the garden well? It’s a stunning combination, made even more attractive when you plant purple and pink flowers to match.

Asteria Chimalin AFC Chiminea - Glazed Mottled Purple (Extra Large)

Because our Mexican chimeneas are made by hand and glazed individually, the finish on each one is slightly different. And this means yours will be unique. We love the stripes that have developed in the glaze on the model above, giving it a dreamy look like thunder clouds gathering.

Sempra Chimalin AFC Chiminea - Glazed Ivory

Keep things pure and simple with this delightfully fresh-looking cream glazed chim, a lovely look complemented by frothy flowers in pale colours and equally good set against the green drama of large-leaf plants.

Sempra large Chimalin AFC chimenea in glazed light grey, including lid & stand
Sempra large Chimalin AFC chimenea in glazed light grey, including lid & stand

Keep things calm and cool with the light grey glazed chimenea above, a chilled way to stay cosy outdoors and an on-trend colour to blend with your ‘heritage’ scheme.

Four Elements Air clay bioethanol fireplace in glaze-effect black

And finally… here’s a shiny black glazed-look chimenea for indoors, fired on ethanol so there’s no toxic carbon monoxide to worry about. What a fab idea!