3 grand garden swing chairs you’ll love

Norfolk Leisure Sandringham Swing 1700 Garden Chair With Canopy

Everyone loves garden swing chairs. They take us back to childhood; the air ruffling your hair as you swing, the feeling of freedom, the way a swing moves even when you’re just sitting on it. These grand garden swings bring those endless summer days rushing back. You can swing like a child on yours if […]

As cheap as chips! Our best value BBQ accessories

Norfolk Grills Metal Skewers 6pk

The cost of living crisis has left many of us pondering our budgets: how do we enjoy the best times in the garden this summer without breaking the bank? One sensible answer is these excellent value for money BBQ accessories, giving you cool creative ways to love the garden lifestyle even more. Perfectly-priced BBQ accessories […]

Buy a chimenea for mood lighting, heat and food

chiminea shop

So your garden is really wee? You might not have space for a separate patio heater, BBQ, and atmospheric lighting. The solution is here, and it’s a gorgeous one – Buy a chimenea to do all three at once: lots of heat, beautiful light effects, plus a simple way to cook a remarkable variety of […]