As cheap as chips! Our best value BBQ accessories

Norfolk Grills Metal Skewers 6pk

The cost of living crisis has left many of us pondering our budgets: how do we enjoy the best times in the garden this summer without breaking the bank? One sensible answer is these excellent value for money BBQ accessories, giving you cool creative ways to love the garden lifestyle even more.

Perfectly-priced BBQ accessories to inspire you

Norfolk Grills Aluminium Burger Press

No more fighting to make perfect burger patties. The simple yet very effective Norfolk Grills Aluminium Burger Press pictured above lets you churn out faultless meat, veggie and Vegan burgers in no time, each one fitting inside a burger bun as neatly as the others. A bargain as well as a quality buy.

The efficient Norfolk Grills Charcoal Rack pack

Norfolk Grills Charcoal Rack 2pk

You want to BBQ food faster? All you do is put your uncooked charcoal in these innovative metal baskets instead of directly on the grate for perfect grilled foods in record time. Just put the charcoal in a basket, rather than directly on the grate, to do perfect grilling even faster than usual. You can either slide the pack’s two baskets together to cook on focused direct heat or move them apart for slow-cooked, succulent roast treats. No wonder the well-priced Norfolk Grills Charcoal rack is so popular.

The clever Norfolk Grills Chicken Roaster

The Norfolk Grills Chicken Roaster is another super-simple yet exciting idea. It lets you BBQ entire birds easily, efficiently and tastily. Just stick your duck, chook or whatever else you fancy on the vertical chimney on top, either head or tail downwards, then stand it on the barbie for fragrant, moist, evenly-cooked meat. Use it indoors in the oven if you like, or in the chiminea.

Norfolk Grills Chicken Roaster

The speedy Norfolk Grills Charcoal Starter

This charcoal starter gets the party started faster! Take out cooking grate from your grill. Fill the Norfolk Grills charcoal starter with charcoal, or fill it part-way for smaller cook-outs. Put two lighter cubes on the charcoal grate and light them, then stand the burner on top of the cubes, on the grate, where they quickly set the charcoal burning.

A mere quarter of an hour later your charcoal’s ready to cook with – you’ll know when because the charcoal’s surface goes grey. Empty it out onto the grill and bingo – it’s time to BBQ. No delays when everyone’s mouths are watering. Just splendid outdoor food… done faster.

Norfolk Grills Charcoal Starter

Explore these chiminea accessories too – Many also work on a BBQ

Our chiminea accessories department is another great source of ways to make your barbie life even better. You can use many of them on a BBQ, fire pit, fire bowl or outdoor oven as well as in a chiminea.

We have cool things like cast iron cooking pots for hearty stews, curries and casseroles, and cast iron cooking irons for safely holding food while it sizzles to perfection. How about a popcorn popper or a pizza spatula? There’s more, and they all contribute to more of the good times. We hope you enjoy exploring.

Cast Iron Cooking Pan
Steel Popcorn Popper