Why buy a permanent masonry BBQ

Mediterrani Large Stone Masonry BBQ

We sell some amazing masonry BBQs, classy stone-effect barbecues in different designs. Some are brick BBQs, others have a natural stone or slate effect finish. But they’re all super-heavy, built to last for decades. Why buy a permanent masonry BBQ? There are all sorts of reasons, and we’re about to dive into them. Afterwards we’ll […]

How to protect a chiminea in winter

chiminea protection in winter

As the autumn gives way to winter, it’s time to think about keeping your chiminea in good nick. This is our guide to how to protect a chiminea in winter. Do this and your wonderful chiminea will stay looking good for longer – and it won’t crack in the frost. Protect a clay chiminea in […]

What happens when a clay chiminea gets older?

aging chimineas

Our friends down in Devon have been watching with interest as their large Mexican clay chiminea ages. It’s really interesting. Here are some photos, with captions to explain what you can see. They love the look. It’s natural and real, and helps the chiminea bend into the garden beautifully. “We could easily clean off the […]