Sweet BBQ food treats for your chimenea

Everyone loves BBQ food. But there’s more to it than meat, fish and veg. Here are some cool places to go for sweet BBQ food recipes to round off your alfresco dining experience to perfection. Bring any of these to your friend’s or family’s barbie or prepare them for your own BBQ party and you’ll […]

Casserole cooking on a chimenea – Delish!

Some people love to barbecue, others would rather spend less time cooking, more time eating, drinking and socialising. A cook pot is a delicious way to make hearty, tasty soups, stews, casseroles and one-pot wonders. Here’s some inspiration for you. Tips for heavenly cookpot cooking on a chimenea So how do you use a cooking […]

As cheap as chips! Our best value BBQ accessories

Norfolk Grills Metal Skewers 6pk

The cost of living crisis has left many of us pondering our budgets: how do we enjoy the best times in the garden this summer without breaking the bank? One sensible answer is these excellent value for money BBQ accessories, giving you cool creative ways to love the garden lifestyle even more. Perfectly-priced BBQ accessories […]

3 gorgeous Vegan BBQ recipes

An outdoors family party

As the battle to re-balance the climate continues, more of us are turning Vegan. It used to be an eccentric choice, now it’s mainstream. You might be Vegan yourself, or have Vegan friends and family. Either way you’ll want to tickle their taste-buds as well as delight the vegetarians and meat-eaters in your life. Here […]

6 exciting ways to cook on a chimenea

Horizontal image of an inviting outdoor sitting area surrounded by nature. A sun sail shades the porch and a chiminea burns pinion in the corner. Beautiful pants in containers adorn the outdoor room.

Maybe you have a small garden or patio. Perhaps you don’t want to take up space with multiple gadgets: a separate food smoker, BBQ, light source and heat source. Your perfect choice is a chimenea, giving you the mood lighting and outdoor warmth you need – as well as varied cooking capabilities. Here are six […]

Chiminea Cuisine – BBQ the Vegan Way

Vegan food

Are you Vegan or vegetarian? The UK is home to more Vegans than ever before, as climate change bites and people give up meat to help reduce farming’s CO2 emissions. In fact, according to Truly Experiences, the number of Vegans in the UK has increased by 445,428 or 40% over the past 12 months. If the two […]

Super-simple spring cocktails and snacks – Happy Easter!

Five exotic cocktails on ice in hands joined in celebratory toast

Easter used to be an ordinary Bank Holiday, four days off in a row that’d see millions of us driving hundreds of miles to take an early spring break. Millions of us still drive hundreds of miles at Easter, but just as many stay home, avoid the traffic altogether and just… relax! These days Easter […]

Brilliant BBQ Recipes for Vegans, Vegetarians & Meat Eaters

We’ve talked about cooking on a chiminea before. It’s an awesome way to prepare delicious food outdoors, fun as well as easy and effective. With the BBQ season on the horizon and the weather – at long last – showing signs of warming up, we thought it’d be fun to give you a whole load […]

Autumn Recipes – Growing Veg to Cook on Your Chiminea

It’s about time we gave you some scrumpotious autumn recipes to cook on your chim. But first, a peep into the current trend for flexitarianism and vegetarianism. If you’ve ever grown your own veg you’ll already know how satisfying it is to see the process through from seed or seedling to something delicious you can […]

Cosy Autumn Cooking on a Chiminea

Blink and you missed it – summer 2017 wasn’t exactly summery, apart from the gorgeous heatwave we enjoyed in June. Here we are in September, officially autumn according to the Met Office. But there’s no need to stash your chiminea until spring. Far from it. The idea of these wonderful items of garden entertainment kit […]