Quality chiminea accessories… unpacked!

Are you searching for the best quality chiminea accessories? We sent one of our customers a big pack of fun stuff to get them going, the accessories needed to create fire and cook in their large clay chiminea. Here’s what happened when they unpacked the Gardeco BBQ Grill, Poker, Cook Stick, Toast Fork, Tongs, Thermal […]

Chimenea answers to get you on the right track

Chimenea questions answered

Looking for chimenea answers? You’ve arrived! We sell chimineas. Some are clay, made in Mexico by local craftspeople who’ve been doing it for years. Some are plain, some feature fabulous decoration, but they all work beautifully to warm an outdoor space, keep people cosy outside, and cook luscious BBQ food. Others are metal, designed for […]

Alfresco Living – Plants to Keep the Wind off

alfresco living - garden plants to keep wind off

You can spend time outdoors in comfort all year round when you own a chiminea. But even on a warm summer’s night, a stiff breeze or sneaky wind can soon make you feel less than perfectly comfortable. Luckily there are many ways to create a sheltered spot in your garden for alfresco entertainment, one of […]

What Climate Change Means to Alfresco Living

garden dining

Alfresco living. Or, as some spell it, ‘al fresco’. It’s an Italian word, and we don’t really have an English alternative. How come? Because, until recently, the opportunities for enjoying lots of time outdoors with friends and family were fewer in the UK. Global warming is changing things. Climate change is underway and while it […]

How do They Make Clay Chimineas?

Mexican grapes extra large chiminea

Chimineas, also called pot-bellied ovens, were invented in the 1600s in Mexico but can be traced back to Spain. The chimney directs smoke up into the air, protecting the fire inside, and the bulbous design means you can set a good blaze that isn’t affected by wind or rain. So how is a clay chiminea […]

Why and how do clay chimineas crack?

cracked chiminea

A clay chiminea is a precious thing. It has been carefully made by hand, with love and skill, in Mexico. It has travelled thousands of miles by sea, sometimes in dreadful weather, and stayed whole. It has spent time on the back of a lorry, been kept in a warehouse, then delivered to your home […]

15 Things to do With an Old Chiminea

Rusted Garden Chimenea stove

Eventually, everything dies. Even our beautifully made, quality steel, cast iron and clay chimineas. Sometimes we just get tired of them and fancy a change. But these days the trend is clear. We don’t just throw things away. We recycle, repurpose and repair. We use it up and we wear it out. So what can […]

Chiminea Cuisine – BBQ the Vegan Way

Vegan food

Are you Vegan or vegetarian? The UK is home to more Vegans than ever before, as climate change bites and people give up meat to help reduce farming’s CO2 emissions. In fact, according to Truly Experiences, the number of Vegans in the UK has increased by 445,428 or 40% over the past 12 months. If the two […]