What to Wear For a Winter Alfresco Party?

An outdoors family party

You’re loving your chiminea so much you’re going to use it through the next winter, as well as throughout the spring, summer and autumn. But what kind of clothing do you wear for a winter’s day or wintry evening outdoor ‘do’? Here are our expert tips. The best winter alfresco party wear Layers. That’s the […]

Chimenia, Chiminea, Why the Different Spelling?

Chimenia, Chiminea, Why the Different Spelling?

You want one. You need one. You desire one. But what on earth is it called? Our world can get confusing, with a choice of ways to spell the products we sell. Chiminea is simply the Spanish word for chimney. It makes perfect sense bearing in mind the shape of the thing, with its elegant, […]

Fire Pit or Chiminea – Which Gets Hotter?

Which gets hotter, chiminea or firepit

Fire Pit of Chiminea? It’s a tough one. You’re trying to choose between a chiminea and a fire pit, but which is the hottest? Well, that’s easy enough. A chimenea will usually get hotter than a fire pit of the same size. Why? Because the clever shape means the fire is contained, heating up the […]

Chimineas and covid – meeting family outdoors!

Meeting family outdoors in covid with chiminea

Chimineas and covid. It’s a match made in heaven. Who knew, when we started the business, that we’d end up a primary provider of chimineas to a nation flattened by a pandemic? There we were, trundling along happily, selling chimineas around the UK, then covid hit, everyone was locked down, and one of the weirdest […]