Say hola to an awesome XL Mexican Chiminea

Olas Clay Mexican Chiminea Extra Large (with fire)

A dramatic best-selling XL Mexican chiminea, the Olas flies out of the warehouse year after year. So let’s say ‘hola’ to this particularly popular XL Mexican chiminea. Why, exactly, do people love it so much?

Olas Chiminea (Large)

Some of our customers say it’s a colour thing. Grey is an ongoing trend, subtle and forgiving because it never clashes, and that makes the Olas a top choice for on-trend good looks that’ll suit every style of outdoor space. Others say their main thing is the size, an extra-large chiminea that delivers XL heat. Mind you, if size doesn’t matter so much we also have a ‘large’ version in the exact same design.

It’s an impressive-looking thing, enhanced by the curvy, complex olas decor. Olas is Spanish for ‘waves’, and you can see why they chose the name. The wavy curves are pressed into the surface of the clay when it’s wet, giving the chiminea a textured surface. We’re not scientists 😉 but we imagine the extra surface area created by the impressed design radiates even more heat than a smooth surface. If you’re an egghead and you know better, we’re happy to be corrected!

Olas Clay Mexican Chiminea Extra Large (side view)

Because it’s so big and hot, this one’s ideal for year-round outdoor fun. In winter you can stand around it and stay warmer than you’d imagine, making hot toddies in the garden a special treat that won’t leave you freezing your bits and bobs off. There’s always gardening to be done, even in the dead of winter, and it makes a lovely destination for warming your extremities in between tasks. Stand a grill on the chimney, balance your cuppa on top and it’ll stay hot on chilly days.

Mexican clay chimineas are famously well-designed, perfected over centuries for exceptional performance. Those designed with a slightly smaller mouth in proportion to the body never seem to perform quite as well. There’s obviously a clever balance between mouth size, chimney height and body volume that drives efficiency, making Mexican clay chims the best.

They don’t smoke much because they’re so efficient, which means they also use surprisingly little fuel. You can cover your Olas with a fitted insulated cover through winter and it’ll stay dry, safe from cracking in the frost. And there’s a zillion creative things you can do with a good-looking old chiminea years down the line when it’s time for a replacement.

An Olas bundle might suit you down to the ground, giving you the basic bits and bobs you need to start your chiminea life. Grab the chim itself plus a bag of chiminea stones to line the belly and you’re ready to rock and roll. Like all Mexican chimeneas it’s unusually easy to light, even if you’re a novice. You’ll be beating your chest and doing the ‘me make fire’ cave man thing in no time, whatever gender you are 😉

No assembly needed. It comes with as strong three-leg stand which means it stands stable and steady even when the ground isn’t completely flat. The matching rain lid keeps things dry inside when you’re not using it. It contains instructions – look inside when yours arrives. And your dimensions are height 125cm, max width 50cm. Because it weighs around 30kg – another sign of a quality item – you’ll need two people to lift it safely onto the stand.

Insulated Extra Large Chiminea Cover

The Olas isn’t the only horse in town, obviously. Our entire clay chiminea collection is laid out for you here, with something for everyone. Happy times!