All about indoor chimineas – The low-down

Here’s another of our ‘essential basics’ articles about chims, this time about indoor chimineas. Can I use a chiminea indoors? It’s a question we’re often asked, and it’s a sensible one. With the cost of living crisis to deal with, including sky-high heating prices, plenty of people are desperate to find alternatives to gas fired […]

How to make your own pizza oven stand

How to make your own pizza oven stand

First, buy a pizza oven. Then, find a place to stand it. Do you want to know how to make your own pizza oven stand? It could be a good move when the stands available in the shops are either good quality but super-expensive, cheap and flimsy, really ugly, or won’t fit where you want […]

How to paint a clay chiminea?

paint a clay chiminea

Did you know you can paint a clay chimenea to keep it looking smart? And did you know that, while specialist paint is available, ordinary house paint also does the job? Let’s take a look at how to give your old clay chiminea a bright new finish. Thanks to Pinterest for the image. Why paint […]

Can I use a chiminea on a wooden deck?

can i put a chiminea on a wooden deck?

Decking is marvellous stuff, giving you a flat, safe surface to sit, lounge, eat, drink, and socialise. So can you use a chiminea on a wooden deck? Yes, you can place a metal or clay chiminea on decking but, as you can imagine, there are some fire safety issues to bear in mind. Here’s how […]

4 modern chiminea designs you’ll love


The traditional Mexican clay chimenea look is always popular. It goes with every style of outdoor space and the design, with its extra wide mouth, is designed to burn bright, clean and hot. But what if you’d prefer something more modern-looking? Here are four modern chiminea designs to inspire you. The large Botella Mexican chiminea […]

Great reasons to buy a chiminea cover

We sell two types of chiminea cover, one designed to keep clay and metal chimeneas dry and looking good, the other to protect clay chimineas from frost damage. Why bother? Here’s a load of sensible reasons why a chiminea cover is a jolly good idea, whether you’re going for clay or metal. Why you need […]

How to mend a clay chiminea

If your clay chiminea is cracked, not completely broken into bits, there’s a reasonably easy way to repair it. This post explores how to mend a clay chiminea when it has cracked through heat stress, in the frost, or through being hit or dropped. Can I mend a totally broken clay chimenea? Despite being designed […]

Quality chiminea accessories… unpacked!

Are you searching for the best quality chiminea accessories? We sent one of our customers a big pack of fun stuff to get them going, the accessories needed to create fire and cook in their large clay chiminea. Here’s what happened when they unpacked the Gardeco BBQ Grill, Poker, Cook Stick, Toast Fork, Tongs, Thermal […]