Favourite spot? Add a small chimenea!

Chimenia, Chiminea, Why the Different Spelling?

Unlike a barbecue, you don’t usually wheel a chimenea around. They’re heavy and chunky, and once put in a suitable place they tend to stay there. But wouldn’t it be lovely to have a source of heat in all the spots where you naturally slow down, sit, or lounge? The solution is a simple one. Add a small chimenea and voila, instant comfort without breaking the bank, along with good looks and ease of use. Here’s some inspiration.

Billie Cast Iron Chiminea, Stone Grey, in use

The beauty of a small chimenea

Our friends’ garden isn’t massive but there are three places where they like to sit, areas they naturally gravitate to. They’ve put a bistro set in each, making them lovely places to relax, read and chat. Now they’re planning to add a small chimenea to them all so wherever they want to relax in the places they enjoy so much, there’s a way of staying cosy and bright. When there isn’t room for an L or XL model, a smaller version is just the ticket.

Toledo Cast Iron Chiminea Small

It’s such a simple way to change the entire feel of a space, and small chimineas don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. They look good, chuck out loads of heat, are super-simple to use and cost-effective to run. You can whizz up a quick bbq snack on top or inside if you like, and fill it with candles for a party vibe on hot summer nights when you don’t need a fire. If you’re gardening in winter they make a cool place to stop, rest and warm yourself up.

Amigos Clay Chiminea (Small)-0

Different materials and styles mean you can choose a model that looks right for the space. One area might demand a dark coloured metal chimenea while a glazed ceramic or plain clay version might look better in another of your favourite nooks. You might want a colourful chimenea in one place, where you sit out in the sun, and a plain cast iron model for a shady space. Or do it the other way around. You might find a metal chim complements a metal bistro set best of all, but a clay chim is more of a visual delight on the patio.

Four Elements Clay Chiminea Air Small

Unlike a large model, the planting in and around your small space won’t get singed by a little chimenea, although it still makes sense to arrange it bearing your plants’ welfare in mind, as far away from the planting as you can manage.

Chimineas don’t need a massive fire anyway. Quite the opposite. It’s far better to set a small, neat fire inside than a big blaze, giving you less risk of heat shock in clay versions. It’s more economical that way as well. The fire itself isn’t the point, after all. The chim acts like a radiator when the body heats up, and that’s where the magic is.

Four Elements Clay Chiminea Earth Small

This is a pretty safe way to enjoy real flames in the garden. Good for pets and kids and groups who’ve had a bit too much to drink, they’re stable and the fire stays inside. So much safer than an open fire.

clay chiminea
clay chiminea

You’re going to enjoy choosing your small chims! We hope you enjoy using them just as much, bringing garden fun your way in all sorts of weather, not just spring and summer.