Teeny, tiny garden? Introducing two stunning outdoor fireplaces

You’re suffering from chiminea envy. Your friends/neighbours/family have a lovely big garden, and they’ve created the most amazing outdoor entertainment area complete with an absolutely massive cast iron chiminea. Your patio, on the other hand, isn’t much bigger than a couple of double beds. A big chim will take up far too much room. What […]

Summer Fire Bowl Feature – Enjoy safe fires in the heatwave

All over the nation moorlands, woods, forests and grasslands are ablaze, thanks to the unprecedented heatwave: North Wales, Scotland, Staffordshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester… the list goes on. At the same time fires are great fun, which is why our fire pits fly off the shelves so fast, especially in weather like this. The tension is […]

OMG – Cool Firebowl Garden Furniture Sets!

Good, solid, attractive outdoor furniture is the perfect complement to any garden. A fire pit or bowl is the ideal way to keep the chill off when you’re enjoying the outdoors, and even to cook on. Put them together and what do you get? Beautiful garden furniture with an integral firebowl. Blimey. That’s what we […]

Beautiful Fire Pits & Braziers – Taking British Gardens by Storm

British gardens are changing along with our changing climate. As winters get warmer and wetter, and summers get hotter and drier, areas once dominated by grass lawns now feature fireplaces, fire pits and chimineas. All these brillioant items take the captivating idea of a campfire to a new level, bringing that magical woodsmoke scent and […]

Halloween Fun With Fire Pits and Chimineas

Fancy some Halloween fun? This time of year has become one of the biggest as far as outdoor events are concerned. Once a fairly minor celebration in the UK, in recent years we’ve almost outstripped the USA in our enthusiasm for Halloween, AKA All Hallows Eve. There’s a powerful Day of the Dead trend emerging, […]