Teeny, tiny garden? Introducing two stunning outdoor fireplaces

You’re suffering from chiminea envy. Your friends/neighbours/family have a lovely big garden, and they’ve created the most amazing outdoor entertainment area complete with an absolutely massive cast iron chiminea. Your patio, on the other hand, isn’t much bigger than a couple of double beds. A big chim will take up far too much room. What can you do? Outdoor fireplaces are the solution.

Luckily we have the perfect solution in the shape of a couple of stunning flat-back outdoor fireplaces whose slim good looks are ideal for small spaces. Here’s what you need to know.

Slimline outdoor fireplaces – The Arno is too cool for school!

The neat, rounded Arno outdoor fireplace features a flat back, which might not sound particularly amazing or clever but makes such a difference to the amount of space you need. Just like an indoor fireplace it stands flat against a wall and faces outwards, sending lots of lovely heat out into the space.

Because the fire compartment itself is set high, above the integral firewood store, you’re not left with warm feet and a cold body – the heat spreads out beautifully at human-level whether you’re standing or sitting. You don’t have to put it against a wall, of course, but that’s the perfect place for it to go.

If you’ve ever admired a stack of firewood laid end-on so you get that gorgeous pattern of circles, now you can create the look yourself. The log store is generously sized and takes stacks of fuel, keeping it out of the way so you don’t need to think about finding separate storage space. And a good, long chimney means any smoke is sent safely upwards rather than gathering around you and making you cough.

Steel sits at the heart of this super item, and steel gets really hot. That’s the idea – the fire is one thing, but it’s the hot metal that really creates all that heat. And that’s why this beautiful fireplace isn’t designed to stand against a wooden fence or anything else flammable, just in case you’re crazy enough to give it a go!

If you appreciate rugged rustic charm, it’s full of that. And at 81cm wide by 31cm deep and 200cm high it delivers enough heat to delight your guests without taking up all your outdoor space. Oh, and it burns both wood and charcoal equally well.

The gorgeous Eeron fireplace – Traditional good looks for small spaces

The matt black looks and rustic feel of the Eeron outdoor fireplace is another great solution for tiny gardens. It works in exactly the same way as the Arno, with a generous sized integral wood store and a firebox at the top so it actually warms the whole of you, not just your feet. What a clever idea, and so simple. Like the Arno, it measures a neat 81cm wide by 31cm deep and 200cm high. And it’s equally efficient, throwing out loads of lovely heat into the surroundings.

Both the Arno and the Eeron are self-assembly, very simple to put together. Like the Arno, the Eeron burns both wood and charcoal. In fact the only real difference between the two is that the Eeron has a flat top and the Arno a rounded one, so it’s a simple matter of aesthetics. Just pick the one whose looks you like best.

No room for an outdoor fireplace? Buy the beautiful Delphi brazier

Some outdoor spaces are really, really small. We’ve test-driven the incredibly neat 40cm x 57.5cm Delphi Garden Brazier on an eight foot square patio and it works a treat. It features a gorgeous decorative flower-inspired mesh and is made from quality steel, complete with a collection plate to keep the ash from spreading all over the place. It has a chromed BBQ grill for fun cooking and burns either logs or charcoal. You can even use it to burn garden waste, and it only takes a few minutes to assemble. That should keep you nice and cosy!

Here to answer your questions

Any questions? Plenty of garden centres sell some chimineas, outdoor fireplaces and braziers, as do some superstores. But because that’s all we do, we know everything there is to know about chimineas and their relatives. We’ll answer all your questions. Just ask.