3 BIG chimeneas to inspire your autumn

Asteria XL Chimalin AFC chimenea in glazed purple, including lid & stand

Why choose a chimenea? They’re versatile, good-looking, extremely efficient and great fun to use. If you’re looking for a particularly dramatic model to add instant ‘awesome’ to your garden lifestyle, here are three really big chimeneas to inspire you. Three big chimineas to enhance the outdoor fun A chim gives you outdoor heat, comfort, style […]

Cool BBQ covers to keep your barbie in good nick

Norfolk Grills Infinity 5 Burner Cover

Every BBQ deserves care and attention. That’s why so many of our models come with optional BBQ covers. Scroll to the end of this post to check and see if there’s one for your BBQ. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know. Why buy a BBQ cover? Large barbecues are built to stay […]

Why Mexican clay chimeneas are the best

Mexican chiminea

So you’re wondering which clay chimenea to choose. We have a great tip for you – make it a Mexican one. Here’s why Mexican clay chimeneas are by far the best buy. Why are Mexican clay chimeneas so good? A design perfected over centuries There are cheap alternatives, but they probably won’t perform as well. […]

How to protect a chiminea in winter

chiminea protection in winter

As the autumn gives way to winter, it’s time to think about keeping your chiminea in good nick. This is our guide to how to protect a chiminea in winter. Do this and your wonderful chiminea will stay looking good for longer – and it won’t crack in the frost. Protect a clay chiminea in […]

What happens when a clay chiminea gets older?

aging chimineas

Our friends down in Devon have been watching with interest as their large Mexican clay chiminea ages. It’s really interesting. Here are some photos, with captions to explain what you can see. They love the look. It’s natural and real, and helps the chiminea bend into the garden beautifully. “We could easily clean off the […]

Quick look – A clay chiminea with candles!

chiminea with candles

Isn’t this clay chiminea with candles gorgeous? We thought you’d like to see photos of an XL Mexican clay chiminea with tea lights in it. It just goes to show, chims are as decorative as they are practical. When there’s a heatwave and it’s too dry to light your chiminea without setting the neighbourhood on […]

Fire pit or firebowl? What’s the difference?

DAKOTA large firepit

It is a fire pit or firebowl? What’s the difference between them, and does it even matter? Let’s take a look. What’s this? Is it a firepit or a fire bowl? Traditionally, a fire pit is simply a ring around an open pit dug into the ground. Also traditionally, a firebowl was often smaller, sitting […]

Essential clay chiminea safety FAQs

clay chiminea

Are you new to chiminea life? Do you have any questions? Here are some essential clay chiminea safety FAQs for you. Here’s what you need to know. Can my clay chiminea explode? If so, why? Chimineas are designed for small fires. There’s never any need for an enormous roaring blaze. The clay heats up like […]

How to clean a fire pit

You’ve invested in a beautiful fire pit. You’ve fallen in love with the way it’s so easy to light, the way it burns so well, gives off so much heat, and makes such a cool focal point for your garden. But after a few uses it’s starting to look mucky. While there’s nothing wrong with […]