Fire pit or firebowl? What’s the difference?

DAKOTA large firepit

It is a fire pit or firebowl? What’s the difference between them, and does it even matter? Let’s take a look. What’s this? Is it a firepit or a fire bowl? Traditionally, a fire pit is simply a ring around an open pit dug into the ground. Also traditionally, a firebowl was often smaller, sitting […]

Essential clay chiminea safety FAQs

clay chiminea

Are you new to chiminea life? Do you have any questions? Here are some essential clay chiminea safety FAQs for you. Here’s what you need to know. Can my clay chiminea explode? If so, why? Chimineas are designed for small fires. There’s never any need for an enormous roaring blaze. The clay heats up like […]

How to clean a fire pit

You’ve invested in a beautiful fire pit. You’ve fallen in love with the way it’s so easy to light, the way it burns so well, gives off so much heat, and makes such a cool focal point for your garden. But after a few uses it’s starting to look mucky. While there’s nothing wrong with […]

All about indoor chimineas – The low-down

Here’s another of our ‘essential basics’ articles about chims, this time about indoor chimineas. Can I use a chiminea indoors? It’s a question we’re often asked, and it’s a sensible one. With the cost of living crisis to deal with, including sky-high heating prices, plenty of people are desperate to find alternatives to gas fired […]

How to make your own pizza oven stand

How to make your own pizza oven stand

First, buy a pizza oven. Then, find a place to stand it. Do you want to know how to make your own pizza oven stand? It could be a good move when the stands available in the shops are either good quality but super-expensive, cheap and flimsy, really ugly, or won’t fit where you want […]