Best selling chiminea of the week

Asteria XL Chimalin AFC chimenea in glazed purple, including lid & stand

Sometimes a product grabs the attention of consumers and we sell loads of them. This is one of those times. This is the glazed chiminea, a popular choice right now for people who are in the market for a new model. Here’s why our customers are loving our best selling chiminea so much.

Sempra Chimalin AFC Chiminea - Glazed Green

Meet our best selling chiminea

The Asteria above and the other gorgeous Chimalin clay models we stock aren’t just available in a choice of beautiful, shiny glazed finishes. They’re made from a very special, innovative type of red clay that, unlike others, doesn’t crack with heat stress. And that’s why it comes with an unusually long guarantee.

Colima Mexican Chiminea, real glaze red (large)

The clay is called Chimalin AFC and Gardeco chimineas made from it have a 5 year guarantee against thermal cracking, which can happen when there are fast changes in temperature. There’s also no need to season yours before use, or add a layer of insulating material like pumice to the belly to protect the clay. It’s famously tough, durable stuff.

Sempra Chimalin AFC Chiminea - Glazed Ivory

Gardeco’s breakthrough fireproof clay took 8 years to develop. You can use these special clay chimeneas in the same way as you’d treat a cast iron or steel version, making big, hot fires inside with confidence and getting the self-same impressive heat as it radiates out into the garden.

Colima Chiminea - Real Glaze Brown

We even have a super dark coloured version, uber-modern and a great-looking thing!

Colima Chiminea - Real Glaze Dark Blue
Asteria Chimalin AFC Chiminea - Glazed Mottled Sand Dark Brown (Extra Large)

Take a tour of our Chimalin clay chimineas. Which will suit the style of your garden best? Will you pick a colour that complements or contrasts with your garden furniture? We hope you enjoy the decision-making process!