Quick look – A clay chiminea with candles!

chiminea with candles

Isn’t this clay chiminea with candles gorgeous? We thought you’d like to see photos of an XL Mexican clay chiminea with tea lights in it. It just goes to show, chims are as decorative as they are practical.

When there’s a heatwave and it’s too dry to light your chiminea without setting the neighbourhood on fire, do this instead to create a welcoming, sophisticated ambience outdoors.

These were taken before dusk on a late summer’s evening in Devon. As you can see, the effect is lovely even when it isn’t fully dark.

The beautiful orange glow comes from just five little tea candles, removing the risk of sparks, ash or fire.
A few small flames makes the space so much more welcoming, giving you an instant focus.
It’s a dramatic effect considering it’s not quite dusk

A simple and magical way to brighten your garden or patio for evening gatherings.