Fire pit or firebowl? What’s the difference?

DAKOTA large firepit

It is a fire pit or firebowl? What’s the difference between them, and does it even matter? Let’s take a look.

What’s this? Is it a firepit or a fire bowl?

Traditionally, a fire pit is simply a ring around an open pit dug into the ground. Also traditionally, a firebowl was often smaller, sitting higher above the ground or free-standing. But with so many manufacturers making portable fire pits, the definition has widened. Fire pits are called firebowls and fire bowls are called fire pits, so they’re interchangeable.

The stunning modern Happy Cocooning Bowl Cocoon Fire Pit in Grey

Some of our firepits and fire bowls have three or four legs, others stand directly on the ground. Some are metal, made from steel, cast iron, or a combination. Others are made from MGO – Magnesium Oxide – or another kind of clever composite material. They both come with the smart look of on-trend concrete but are made from materials that resist extreme cold and heat.

This fire bowl has a beautiful leaf design

The gorgeous Cook King Toronto 80cm Decorative Fire Bowl

Some of the designs we’ve chosen include an integral log store, others don’t. Some burn wood. Others run cleanly on bottled gas with electric ignition, for instant heat and light. Some designs are decorative, designed to showcase the flames and give you lots of heat. Others are also perfect for cooking.

Simply stylish – The medium 60cm diameter Kadai fire pit

Go low-slung or high off the ground

Small or large, composite or steel, cast iron or MGO, there’s a large collection of fire pits and fire bowls on our site, each with its own unique design. They’re great quality, carefully chosen, and built to last.

The fabulous low-level Cook King Dubai 80cm Fire Bowl

Which will you choose? A firepit or a fire bowl? One for cooking as well as heat and light? Just heat and light? They come at every price, from affordable to luxury, simple to complex, fancy to plain. Whatever your choice you get free UK delivery, because that’s how we like to do things. And these are products you can rely on, from people you can trust.

We’d like to wish you season after season of comfort, style, fun and entertainment. Here’s where your fresh alfresco lifestyle begins!