Can I repair a broken clay chiminea?

cracked chiminea

Clay chimineas are specially designed to withstand heat, but they can sometimes crack all the same. Leave yours outdoors in winter and wet, frozen clay can crack off in chunks or break the body at vulnerable points, for example where the neck meets the body. Drop one and, like dropping a terracotta plant pot, it’ll probably break. So can you mend it? Yes, you can, depending on how bad the crack is.

How can you repair a broken clay chiminea?

To repair a broken clay chiminea, first sand the outside of the break or crack with medium grit sandpaper, keeping at it until the surface is smooth. Make sure all the paint, if it’s a painted chiminea, is removed so the glue will work properly.

Next, grab some car repair putty, designed to stand heat, or some high temperature epoxy glue. They both do a great job. Use a proper putty knife to force the material into the crack or break. Use enough so it forms a bump that you can feel. If a chunk has broken off your chiminea, clamp it while the putty dries. You’ll usually notice the glue or putty changes colour when dry. Then sand it carefully with more medium grit sandpaper until you can’t feel the crack or break any more.

All done! Now you can paint the exterior if you like, using any kind of house paint. Finish it off with a coat of clear exterior varnish.

What if your clay chiminea is well and truly broken, so badly you can’t repair it? Read this post about 15 things to do with a broken chiminea, and grab yourself a new clay chiminea from our enormous collection of top quality items, fresh from Mexico.