3 BIG chimeneas to inspire your autumn

Asteria XL Chimalin AFC chimenea in glazed purple, including lid & stand

Why choose a chimenea? They’re versatile, good-looking, extremely efficient and great fun to use. If you’re looking for a particularly dramatic model to add instant ‘awesome’ to your garden lifestyle, here are three really big chimeneas to inspire you.

Three big chimineas to enhance the outdoor fun

A chim gives you outdoor heat, comfort, style and fabulous BBQ food treats, all rolled into one chunky, curvy, extremely efficient gadget.

Our purple glazed XL chimenea in extra-tough Chimalin AFC clay

First, the magnificent Asteria XL Chimalin AFC chimenea in glazed purple, including lid & stand. Isn’t this a striking design? The colour is the star of the show though, a gorgeous rich, deep shade that complements garden greenery perfectly. Because it’s made from special advanced fire clay, eight years in development, it won’t crack through heat stress anywhere near as easily as some clay chimeneas can.

Asteria XL Chimalin AFC chimenea in glazed purple, including lid & stand
Asteria XL Chimalin AFC chimenea in glazed purple, including lid & stand

A stunning extra-Large chimenea for large patios and gardens, it throws out an impressive amount of heat to keep people nice and cosy, even on crisp winter days or chilly autumn and spring nights. It comes with its own strong three-legged metal stand for excellent stability, plus a matching glazed clay lid.

The classic wide funnel positioned on top of the fat belly makes in an efficient choice, burning hot and clean with exceptional to resistance to fire cracking, which is why the maker is perfectly happy to provide a generous 5 year guarantee against cracking via thermal shock.

Your fuels are wood, charcoal or coal and there’s no need to season this chimenea first. If you fancy a different colour we have more glazed chimeneas like this in a range of beautiful shades.

Big chimeneas – XL Toledo Cast Iron Chimenea in 3 finishes

This magnificent beastie is the Toledo model, made from strong cast iron that never needs curing and doesn’t crack if the heat distribution is uneven, or the fire is too big or too hot. It comes in three versions, which you can see here, each with a different finish: Bronze Grapes, Black, and Bronze. The look is wonderfully Steampunk-like, whisking you back to the Victorian era with its curvy legs and antiqued patina.

Toledo Cast Iron Chiminea Extra Large Bronze Flowers
Cooking a Pizza on the Toledo Extra Large
Toledo Cast Iron Chiminea Extra Large Bronze

As you can see the swing-out grill is ideal for cooking up a storm, and the mesh fire screen makes it a safe option when there are pets and young children around. Classic Mexican design means it performs brilliantly to warm up the surroundings and unlike clay chimeneas you can pile on the fuel to create a big, bold blaze without worrying about heat stress.

Two carry handles make it easy to move once it has cooled down. You’ll probably need need two people to move it, since cast iron is so dense and heavy. This is a quality item crafted with care for years of garden fun.

Extra-large Iguana Mex chimenea in grey inc stand and lid

Another popular model from our range of XL chimeneas, this unusual Iguana model features a beautiful 3d iguana on the chimney, a lovely rustic texture and patina, and a typical Mexican-design wide mouth for the best possible performance. It draws a good breeze through the mouth to really get the fire going, making it a fuel-efficient choice as well as a stylish one. The mellow blue-grey-green colour complements every style of garden.

Extra-large Iguana Mex chimenea in grey
Extra-large Iguana Mex chimenea in grey

This is a genuine Mexican chimenea, made in Mexico, and it burns wood beautifully leaving barely any ash, efficient and hot. The red clay absorbs heat and acts like a giant radiator, warming up the area a full 360 degrees around itself. The painted finish is rustic and cool, and the stable three-leg stand is made from tough steel.

Like all clay chimeneas there’s no need to make a large, roaring fire. A small fire heats the clay steadily, safely and effectively to deliver impressive amounts of warmth on very little fuel.

Fabulous chimenea accessories

There’s a wide range of cool accessories for all three big chimeneas we’ve featured, including insulated covers for clay chimeneas and special covers for metal models. Last but not least, if cooking outdoors is your focus our collection of popular BBQ accessories will come in handy. Yum!

If these big chimeneas are a bit too large for your space, we have large, medium and small chimeneas as well as XL versions. Very cool. Or should we say ‘very hot’!