The ultimate patio fire? It’s a chimenea!

Mexican chiminea

So you’re searching for a patio fire. There’s such a variety of choices, but we reckon a chimenea ticks all the boxes in one stylish package.

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Given the amount of heat it generates, a chiminea is a neat patio fire solution that doesn’t take up all your outdoor space. The round shape means there’s room to move around it without dangerous hard edges or awkward corners, handy for people with small gardens and patios because there’s likely to be more room for the garden furniture. We have some fantastic smaller garden bistro sets, chairs and tables that go perfectly in a limited space as well as big garden dining sets for larger spaces.

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A chimenea can go against a wall or in the middle of the patio, nice and versatile. Because Mexican clay chim designs give off so little smoke, designed to be remarkably fuel-efficient, stray smoke won’t spoil your party whatever direction the wind’s blowing, or drive your neighbours to hair-tearing-out despair with the smell. The metal versions we stock are equally well-designed and efficient.

Chimenea questions answered

A chimenea will heat the area a full 360 degrees around itself, making a gorgeous focal point for outdoor fun. It looks good too, a mellow, curvy design that suits every garden from modern to traditional.

Even if you don’t need to warm yourselves up because it’s a hot summer’s day or a balmy spring evening, a chim will provide beautiful mood lighting to add ambience to your garden life. The flickering flames held safely inside the fat body create a wonderful welcoming atmosphere.

Outdoor Mexican Fireplace.

Because the flames are held inside the body it’s safer than an open fire, especially when there are kids and pets running around or the grow-ups have enjoyed a few too many bevvies 😉

The clever design, developed over centuries in Mexico where they’re still used, means it’s very easy to light a fire inside without faffing around. Once lit it stays lit – and because it’s so efficient, it’s a low cost option as regards fuel.

You don’t need to hang around watching it while it cools down either. Because the flames are safely contained, the fire won’t escape to cause mayhem and chaos while your back’s turned.

best selling chiminea
best selling chiminea

When you want a one-gadget-does-it-all solution, a chimenea fits the bill perfectly. Not only do you get heat and light, you can cook up a storm on most of them, and the bigger the chim the more variety you can cook. Everything from perfect pizza to nourishing casseroles, BBQ classics, roasts and kebabs. There’s a load of exciting chimenea accessories and BBQ accessories to help you make the most of the food side of things.

Rather than a separate fire, BBQ, oven and light source, choose a chim and get them all rolled into one attractive garden gadget.

Chiminea Cover for Medium Ellipse and Small & Medium Elements

Storage-wise the cast iron and steel models can safely stay outdoors all year round when you use a special waterproof fitted cover. Clay chimeneas need an insulated cover to stop them cracking in the frost. As long as they’re protected they can also stay outdoors all the time, which means they’re the ideal patio fire when you’re short on storage space.

Inspired? Go forth and fall in love with one of our stunning chimeneas and love your garden lifestyle more than ever.