How to make the most of your chimenea this winter

This year we’re seeing more monster-sized named storms than ever coming our way, devastating the UK with flooding and super-high winds. It is not good. But when the weather’s calm and you make the most of your chimenea there’s such a lot of fun to be had in the garden, even on the coldest days. When you choose the right garden furniture and accessories, it’s an even better way to spend time outdoors.

Winter firepit
winter firepit

As you can see, a firepit does the same job but the fire is the thing that warms you, not the radiator-like and more fuel-efficient chiminea.

How to make the most of your chimenea in winter

Her are our top tips for staying warm, comfortable and dry in the garden, your way to enjoy fresh air and fun from November through to March.

Tip 1 – Buy a chimenea

A chimenea looks good with its smooth, bulbous shape and elegant chimney. A curvy shape like this complements nature well, having no sharp corners or awkward edges. It works in every style of garden, from rustic to contemporary. Some are glazed, others painted or plain, and they come in metal as well as clay or ‘ceramic’: basically pottery. In a chim’s case it’s like the warm orange-peach coloured clay used to make terracotta plant pots.

Iguana Medium Mexican Chimenea in Grey
Iguana Medium Mexican Chimenea in Grey

Originating in Mexico, these popular outdoor fires work like domestic radiators to absorb heat from a small blaze inside, then radiate it out 360 degrees into the surroundings. This means they’re great to sit and stand around, a welcoming focus for a garden entertainment spot. You can stand one against a stone, concrete or brick wall but – obviously – not a wooden fence or a hedge.

Outdoor Mexican Fireplace.
Outdoor Mexican Fireplace.

Best of all, they’re efficient enough to keep everyone warm enough for rock ‘n’ roll. As long as it isn’t blowing a horizontal hooley and belting with rain, it’ll be fun.

Function-wise you can also cook on a chimenea, in an exciting variety of ways with BBQ and chimenea accessories, treats like a chicken roaster, cast iron cookpot, portable food smoker, pizza stone, swivel grill, BBQ grill and more. Then there’s the ambient light you get from real flames. It’s beautiful in daytime and magical after dusk, drawing people in. Interestingly, just seeing the light from the flames makes you feel cosier.

Toledo Cast Iron Chimenea (Extra Large), Bronze Grapes-0

Picture yourselves wrapped up, drinks in hand, gathered around a super-hot chimenea for lovely laughter and chat. It may be cold enough to see your breath but the chim is doing its job. The food you’re BBQing on it smells amazing. The fresh air has invigorated you, making you feel all perky and fresh, and you’ll definitely be doing it again!

This is your chimenea life, and here are some inspiring ways to make it even better.

Tip 2 – Accessorise for extra chilly weather comfort

Add carefully-chosen garden furniture and accessories to turn a great outdoor gathering into a perfect one. First, shade. Quality garden shade products don’t just keep the sun off. You can take a parasol, gazebo or sail shade out of storage, shelter under it if there’s a shower, and use it to shelter from the wind as well.

Norfolk Leisure 3m Square Royce Ambassador Cantilever Parasol & Cover
Norfolk Leisure Runcton Polycarbonate 3x3m Gazebo

When you’re partying sitting down, a beach windbreak or camping windbreak or two will help keep your seating area draught-free. Go for a large beach windbreak in a colour that looks good with your garden furniture.

The chimenea cooking accessories we mentioned earlier transform a chimenea from a heat and light source, often supplied with a basic BBQ grill, to a flexible cooking machine that creates an enormous variety of tasty stuff.

Garden furniture itself matters as well. Something with a high back in resin rattan will feel cosier than a wooden set with open slats or a metal bistro set – simply because it protects you from the elements that little bit more thanks to the dense weave and thick cushions. It’s worth thinking about.

Norfolk Leisure Chedworth Outdoor Corner Lounge Set in Grey

Patio heaters add extra warmth to the area to complement a chimenea. They’re tall and slim therefore ideal for placing around the edge of the area, keeping people’s backs as warm as their fronts.

Enders Large Black NOVA LED Flame Patio Heater

If all this sounds like a jolly cool move, hop on over to our store and explore…