26 reasons why a chimenea is a brilliant idea

Mexican chiminea

It’s a heater. It provides mood lighting. You can cook on it. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are our top 26 reasons why a chimenea is such an excellent idea.

chiminea shop
chiminea shop
  1. It’s a lovely look – the rounded, friendly shape of a chimenea brings soft curves into the garden when so many BBQs have hard edged-designs
  2. There’s a vast choice of looks and styles, from colourful glazed chimeneas to models in steel, cast iron, painted clay and plain terracotta
  3. It’s so much more than a mere fire. Think of it as a highly effective radiator like you use indoors, where the entire body heats up then gives off heat
  4. The bigger the surface area the more heat you get, which is why the shape is so efficient
  5. It looks stunning lit up after dark
  6. It can stand in the centre of your entertainment space so you gather around it, a sociable focus for your outdoor life, or to one side
  7. Use a wealth of different, exciting chimenea cooking accessories to create everything from beautiful, rich stews and casseroles to barbecued meats, fish and fowl
  8. It’s safer than an open fire because the flames and contained
  9. Chimeneas are very stable, especially when you use a three-legged stand – 3 legs will keep it stable even when the ground isn’t perfectly flat, just like magic
  10. They come in a huge range of plain and patterned designs, some decorated with 3d features in contrasting colours
  11. The design of Mexican chimeneas has been perfected over centuries by people who still use them to this day for cooking and heating outdoors
  12. The clay models we sell are genuine Mexican chims
  13. We don’t do cheap and nasty, all the chimeneas we sell are great quality
  14. They come in small, medium, large and XL so there’s the perfect model for your garden
  15. They give you a beautiful focal point around which to place your garden furniture and dining set
  16. They can stay outside all year long. You’ll just need a protective cover for a metal chimenea and an insulated one for your clay chimenea to stop the frost fro damaging the clay
  17. You only need a small amount of fuel and a small fire to create BIG heat!
  18. Because the fire is safely contained you can leave it to slowly cool down. There’s no need to stay outdoors keeping an eye on the fire until it’s completely cold
  19. The burn is extremely efficient thanks to the large mouth and strong draw through the chimney
  20. The chimney sends any smoke away but there’s rarely much smoke – they’re designed to burn efficiently enough not to smoke like mad like an open fire can
  21. It can stand out as a feature or sit back and let the garden design and planting be the star of the show
  22. You get free delivery when you buy from us
  23. You can get Chimalin AFC models made from special fireproof clay that doesn’t crack through heat stress – they come with a 5 year guarantee
  24. They’re easy to move and carry
  25. They can sit on grass, decking and patios – for a deck, buy a specially-created protective mat so the wood or composite decking can’t scorch or burn
  26. You can buy sleek modern designs that work just as well with a 100% contemporary look
XL chimineas

Some cool chimenea inspiration for you

Opera medium steel chimenea fire pit with central foot and mesh centre
Opera medium steel chimenea fire pit with central foot and mesh centre
clay chiminea
clay chiminea