OMG – Cool Firebowl Garden Furniture Sets!

Good, solid, attractive outdoor furniture is the perfect complement to any garden. A fire pit or bowl is the ideal way to keep the chill off when you’re enjoying the outdoors, and even to cook on. Put them together and what do you get? Beautiful garden furniture with an integral firebowl. Blimey. That’s what we call cool. Welcome to our special firebowl garden furniture sets feature, covering three of our most popular best sellers.

Classy firebowl table and chair – The ultimate in alfresco cool

The Miranda Firebowl Table & Chair Set is all you need to cook and eat on the same table, a small and neat firepit table whose stylish square top is made from gorgeous hand-cut riven slate, with e-plated and powder coated black steel on the rim and legs. There’s even a clever stone plate to cover the fire bowl when you’re not using it, transforming it into a regular table. It also includes a charcoal grill and domed mesh lid, and it comes complete with four handsome matching chairs made from tubular steel and natural slate.

The Durango Firebowl Table & Chair Set is both versatile and good-looking, a comfortably low height with a surface decorated in natural red and brown mosaic, made from hand-cut stone. The firepit can also be used as a table, BBQ or ice bucket and it comes complete with a charcoal grid, cooking grill, domed mesh lid and stone plate to cover the fire pit when you’re not using it. It also includes four comfy black Malaga chairs with steel rims and legs.

The Tudela Firebowl Table & Chair Set is made from polished and hand-cut travertine, a type of marble. It’s comfortably low and the neat fire pit in the middle performs equally well as a BBQ. There’s even a second separate ice-bucket, ideal for creating chilled drinks. A smart stone lid covers the pit when you’re not using it, turning the table into an ordinary surface, and it comes with a set of 4 Arundel tub-style chairs, a charcoal grid, stainless cooking grill, domed mesh and stainless steel firebowl.

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