Summer Fire Bowl Feature – Enjoy safe fires in the heatwave

All over the nation moorlands, woods, forests and grasslands are ablaze, thanks to the unprecedented heatwave: North Wales, Scotland, Staffordshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester… the list goes on. At the same time fires are great fun, which is why our fire pits fly off the shelves so fast, especially in weather like this.

The tension is obvious – how can you enjoy a fire safely without setting your neighbourhood alight? With things this super-dry, a fire pit is probably your best bet. Here’s some useful guidance.

What’s the difference between a fire pit and a fire bowl?

A fire bowl and fire pit tend to be much the same. They both describe an open container like a dish or bowl that’s firmly mounted on a stand and often comes with a lid.

A choice of 60 different fire bowls – Beautiful, stylish, fun

We sell around sixty different fire pit and fire bowl models. At the most expensive end of our collection you’ll find fire bowl furniture sets, made up of comfy chairs plus a smart, stylish table that doubles as a neat integral fire bowl.

Take the Mathilda firebowl set, for example, with its cool mosaic design and deep, relaxed armchairs complete with cushions. All you do is replace the central disc of the table to transform it into a BBQ firebowl, which comes with its own grill plus a handy mesh spark guard, ideal for weather like this and good for keeping your fire safely in the bowl where it needs to be.

At the less expensive end of things we have lots of choice including the beautiful Canasta Brazier with its attractive decorative mesh. Stylish and modern, it comes with an ash tray to catch falling ash – a handy feature when there’s a fire risk – and like all braziers with mesh sides, the excellent air flow generates a great blaze. You can also cook on it. Just balance the BBQ grill on top and you’re off.

The Orelio steel fire bowl, a contemporary stunner, comes in a range of lush colours including pristine cream, deep purple and a fabulous teal green, all enamelled to perfection. Again it has a lid, an essential safety feature when we get unusually hot and dry weather like this, and the enamel finish is remarkably durable and hard. It runs perfectly on both wood or charcoal.

12 hot fire safety tips – Stay safe from wildfires

To help you enjoy safe alfresco fun this summer, we’ve trawled through a load of websites to find some essential fire safety tips for you.

1. If you’re having a BBQ or lighting up your firebowl, create a safe area to light it, removing any dry vegetation and maybe even sprinkling the ground with water so it isn’t quite so dry
2. If you’re buying a fire bowl, pick one with a spark guard that stops the sparks from flying
3. Never light a fire on open land when it’s dry, windy or both
4. Don’t use any kind of flammable accelerant to help your fire get going
5. Never eave a burning fire unattended
6. Never assume a fire is out just because it looks like it’s stopped burning. Pour water or sand over it and make sure it is definitely, totally, 100% out
7. Never light a fire on moorland, which is especially vulnerable to fire anyway, often having been cleared for grouse shooting and being covered with particularly flammable vegetation over a layer of peat, which burns easily and fast
8. Always dispose of your rubbish responsibly
9. Do not leave clear bottles or glasses lying around on grass, because they can magnify the sun’s rays and cause fires. So can your spectacles, so don’t leave them lying around on dry grass
10. Do not smoke outdoors – if you have to, take your fag buts with you
11. If you light a fire anywhere when it’s this dry, make sure you can access water to put it out if it spreads
12. Don’t leave single-use BBQs behind – put it out properly and take it with you

Make the right choice

If you’re not sure which firebowl or fire pit to choose for s a safe summer of fun without setting yourself, your neighbours or your entire county on fire, we’ll be delighted – as always – to chew the fat with you and point you in the right direction. Just give us a call.