Beautiful Fire Pits & Braziers – Taking British Gardens by Storm

British gardens are changing along with our changing climate. As winters get warmer and wetter, and summers get hotter and drier, areas once dominated by grass lawns now feature fireplaces, fire pits and chimineas.

All these brillioant items take the captivating idea of a campfire to a new level, bringing that magical woodsmoke scent and wonderful flickering flames to our world. Fire pits have increasingly become an easy and affordable way to heat things up outside, inviting and irresistible, adding an extra twist to everyday outdoor lighting.

People are fascinated with outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, which provide a focal point for an outdoor space that you can design the rest of the garden around. But for many years they were the country cousin, the poor relation, perpetually a few steps behind the ever-popular chiminea. Now things are changing. The fire pit is fast becoming a staple in British gardens. And Gardeco, the manufacturer of many of the gorgeous chimineas and fire pits we sell, have noted the growing trend and stepped into the breach with some stunning models.

Did you know that many of the firepits we stock deliver much more than a cheery, hot outdoor fire? You can cook on many of them too, and barbecue. Add a stylish steel log store to stand your firepit on and the effect is sheer magic as well as pretty damned practical.

Our fire pits are strong, designed with a long and happy life in mind. They’re made from thick, sturdy cast iron or steel, and are suitable for prolonged fires. You can find cheaper versions in the shops, of course, but in the case of fire pits cheap is almost always nasty: you get something flimsy that rusts in no time and just doesn’t stand the test of time.

Our garden braziers are another popular take on the fire pit, a great way to contain a fire safely, and we even sell garden incinerators: handsome, practical and the perfect way to get rid of burnable garden waste safely.

Here are three of our best-sellers.

The Orielo enamelled fire pit in a choice of colours

The elegant Orielo fire pit comes with a beautiful enamelled bowl, available in purple, black, ivory and teal green. It’s made from tough steel and is as resilient as it is handsome, something that’ll last for years as long as you maintain it properly. Great for burning wood or charcoal, you can cook on the grill and it makes a really attractive addition to any outdoor space.

Orielo Steel Fire Pit

The Delphi garden brazier – flower-inspired good looks

If you’re searching for a neat, good-looking garden brazier, you can’t go far wrong with the Delphi. It’s shaped like a tulip with a wavy edge, made from durable steel with decorative mesh panels, complete with a handy ash collection plate to make tidying up easier. The chromed BBQ grill means you can use it to cook as well as to burn logs or charcoal.

The large garden incinerator from Gardeco – Industrial quality

You could burn garden waste in an ordinary bonfire, but they’re so messy – and you end up with a nasty scar on the ground where the fire has been. An alternative? Try the solid, handsome large garden incinerator from Gardeco, a beast of an item designed for burning large fires efficiently with maximum air flow. It’s simple to assemble and works so much better than an ordinary bin-style model.

Large garden incinerator

Outdoor fire features are used all year round. Even when the weather’s hot they provide a focal point, an ambience you won’t achieve any other way. Whether you want to liven up your alfresco social life with a firebowl or firepit, or burn garden waste safely and responsibly, we’ve got everything you need. In the meantime you can explore the full range of firebowls, fire pits, braziers and incinerators here.