About Fuel for Chimineas, Fire Pits and Pizza Ovens

Natural firelighters, chim logs, fire logs, heatlogs, forest charcoal, fire gel and Swedish Torches… we sell all sorts of fuels for chimineas, fire pits and pizza ovens. Here’s what you need to know about them. But first, since we’re so excited by them, we thought we’d give a quick plug to our awesome Swedish Torches…

About Swedish Torches – Dramatic, portable, clean

You’re going camping, or to a festival, or sleeping out under the stars thanks to the growing trend for wild camping. You need fire… but there’s no firewood around. No problem at all! The Swedish Torch is a brilliant invention, used in Sweden by the country’s army in the olden days to provide fully portable instant heat, light and cooking facilities.

It’s a simple but elegantly clever idea: each log is part-cut with a cross shape and an organic firelighter placed deep inside the centre of the cross. Because the logs burn from the inside out the log retains its shape while it burns, acting as a natural fireplace for the flames as well as fuelling them. It’s ridiculously easy to light, each log burns merrily for as long as two and a half hours, and the result is an unusually clean, self-contained fire.

Our customers use them for alfresco entertainment, for camping and glamping trips, and the crazier ones, those of you who are into your wild camping, sleeping out in the countryside with only the most basic items of camping kit, can’t get enough of them. We also sell a Swedish Log Burner with its own BBQ grill, for the best of both worlds.

About natural firelighters – Scented, simple, effective

Our natural firelighters are so much nicer than ordinary firelighters, with none of that nasty chemical smell or greasy feel. They’re made from Montezuma pine, AKA Ocote, wood that’s grown and harvested sustainably in exotic Central Mexico, used by the ancient Mayan tribes for lighting fires and cooking thanks to its remarkably high resin content. The sticks smell gorgeous, are really easy to light and because the tree they come from grows very fast, they’re considered a renewable resource.

About Gardeco chim logs – Very little ash, great environmental credentials

Chim logs light easily and burn cleanly, giving off very little smoke. They’re exceptional value, made from compressed recycled sawdust. They’re environmentally friendly. They leave very little ash behind. And they’re perfect for burning in a metal or clay chiminea, your BBQ, wood-burning stove or bonfire.

About Gardeco fire logs – Efficient, hot, smoke-free

Not for use on BBQs but ideal for chimineas, fire pits and pizza ovens, Gardeco’s fire logs are easy to light. They’re cleverly made from recycled sawdust and wax, and provide a very clean fire. They’re environmentally friendly and because they’re smoke-free they’re perfect for those times when you don’t want to smoke your neighbours out in windy weather!

About Gardeco Wyre Forest Charcoal – Sustainable, local, low-smoke

Sustainably sourced from the lovely Wyre Forest, between Worcestershire and Shropshire, this charcoal is made locally and sustainably to environmentally friendly standards, the way it has been made for centuries if not millennia. The flame you get is fast and hot, perfect for our cast iron and steel chimineas. It also happens to be the best BBQ fuel because it burns even hotter than coal but there’s almost no smoke.

About heat logs – 100% sawdust, no additives

Our heat logs are made from 100% reclaimed and recycled sawdust from local sawmills and joineries, with no added binding agents or other extras. They burn really hot with more or less no smoke, and there’s hardly any ash to clear up afterwards. They’re clean – no mucky hands – and they’re the cheapest, most convenient fuel for BBQs, chims and firebowls.

About Gardeco Solid Fire gel – Bring the heat indoors

There’s no way you can usually use a chiminea indoors without killing yourself thanks to Carbon Monoxide, AKA CO, and you’d be mad to try. Luckily, there’s a solution for those of you who love your chim so much you want to use it at every opportunity, outdoors and in.

Fire gel is your best friend for indoor chim fun, and a single tin of the gel burns bright and hot for two whole hours. Because the by-product of the burn is water, you’re safe and there’s no poisonous CO. It can also be used to light any kind of fire including firebowls, BBQs, wood burning stoves and open fires.

Lost in space with fuel?

If you still don’t know what fuel choice to make, give us a call. We’re always happy to discuss anything and everything to do with outdoor fires with our customers. You can find out more about the fuels we sell here.