What to Wear For a Winter Alfresco Party?

An outdoors family party

You’re loving your chiminea so much you’re going to use it through the next winter, as well as throughout the spring, summer and autumn. But what kind of clothing do you wear for a winter’s day or wintry evening outdoor ‘do’? Here are our expert tips.

The best winter alfresco party wear

Layers. That’s the name of the game. Staying warm outdoors in chilly weather is all about layering up, creating bands of warm air that lie between your clothes. They insulate you better than a single big woolly jumper or winter coat could possibly manage, working on the same principle as a wet or dry diving suit.

Because there’s a chiminea or fire pit involved, there’s warmth to be had. And that means you might find yourself wanting to take layers off at some point, then putting them back on again. If that’s the case, layers with zips or buttons are the most practical.

On top, start with a close fitting cotton T shirt. Add a button-down shirt or blouse over the top, then a buttoned or zipped cardi, then a jacket. Now you can open up your layers right down to the one next to your skin without actually having to take anything off. When you begin with a fine, thin layer and work your way up to thick and woolly on the outside, the effect is even more warming. Wear a windproof layer over the top of it and you’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug through the day and into the frosty night.

The same goes for your bottom half. A pair of thermal tights or long johns, a pair of thick trousers and a thin pair of socks with a thicker pair on top does the trick. Because we tend to lose heat through our heads, a hat is also good. One with ear flaps is even better, especially when there’s a breeze. Fingerless gloves, or even a fingerless pair with integral mittens you can pull over the top if you like, completes a very cosy picture.

Why hold a winter alfresco party?

You might ask yourself why you’d want to have an outdoor party in the winter in the first place? It’s actually very special. Once you’re wrapped up it’s thrilling to spend time outside at that time of year. If you’re lucky to get a clear night the stars are quite something – you might like to upload a stargazing app on your phone to enjoy identifying them. The lovely warmth radiating from your chiminea means more than ever in the chill. It’s especially exciting for kids being up late in winter, especially on the run-up to Christmas when everyone’s feeling extra-sparkly anyway. And whatever time of day or night you’re out in the fresh air, being in the great outdoors is always good for your health and well-being.

Here’s wishing you a splendid wintery wonderland of an alfresco party!