Four of the Best Selling Chimineas for 2022

best selling chiminea

When the world went into lockdown in 2020 our sales shot into outer space. Brits discovered the joy of the chimenea in their millions, many for the first time. 2021 saw much of the same, with sales booming and countless people wanting the finest chiminea accessories. In 2022 it’s a case of ‘same again’. The people of the UK have found chimineas, adored them, fallen in love with alfresco living, and now they’re telling their friends.

Which top four chimineas are we recommending for 2022? Here are our top tips for some great small, large, jumbo and XL chiminea buys. Grab yourself a drink, click through to the details, and see which chimenea design floats your boat most of all.

The best small chiminea for 2022

Maybe your patio area is really small and neat? Perhaps there’s a little corner somewhere in the garden you want to sit and stay warm, maybe with a glass of something chilled and a good book? Go for the Billie, a neat little cast iron chiminea in bronze colour with curvy legs and a cheerful pot belly. Being made of particularly good quality thick cast iron, it’ll last for years. It makes a nice-looking feature in every kind of outdoor space, from a traditional cottage garden to something sleek and contemporary.

The best large chiminea for 2022

Another masterpiece from our hugely popular cast iron chimenea range, the Toledo large chiminea features a stunning grapevine design that wanders all over the body, giving it a classy antique look. If you want to blast out the heat with no worries about thermal shock, cast iron is your best friend. Just like clay the fire heats the body of the chim, which turns into a large radiator that throws heat in every direction. And like all of our chims it’s economical to run as well as giving you the chance to enjoy your outdoor spaces all year round.

The best jumbo chiminea for 2022

Many of our models come with more than one function, cooking as well as heating. The Anillos jumbo chiminea, with its deep red good looks and traditional clay finish, is a chim that doubles as an efficient barbecue. The subtle decor, a series of parallel lines highlighted in a paler colour, give it an interesting traditional look, and the wide mouth delivers a clean, hot fire to heat the ceramic body efficiently. The result is an attractive piece of garden decor that will keep you in alfresco fun for years when it’s properly maintained.

The best XL chiminea for 2022

The magnificent Asteria Chimalin AFC chiminea is absolutely enormous. A great big, wide mouth means it’s easy to light and draws perfectly to create a hot, clean flame. This heats the clay like a massive radiator and off she goes, throwing warmth out into your garden or patio, a delight to stand around. Because it’s made from specially created chimalin clay, eight years in development and unique to the chimenea world, it is resistant to thermal cracking. The glossy glazed finish is stylishly dramatic and the neat rain lid, with its integral knob, is attractive as well as practical. Perfect for large areas where lots of people gather.

Plus all the essential chiminea accessories

We also stock all the extra and accessories you need. We have see-through and opaque chiminea covers to help keep yours in the best condition. We have fire blankets for safety, grills for cooking on your chiminea, tool sets for BBQing and cast iron cookpots for seriously tasty hot foods. And we have top class chiminea accessory bundles for you, the ultimate kit to get you started on a lifetime of alfresco entertainment.