The Toledo Chiminea – Six Years No Maintenance!

What does a cast iron chiminea look like after six years outdoors with absolutely no maintenance?

You can spend time keeping a cast iron chimenia in perfect nick, getting rid of small spots of rust as they appear, covering her up, and keeping her out of the rain through the winter months. Or you could leave it without any care or maintenance and this is what you’ll get.

Surprised? Our customers in North Devon were delighted by the condition of their Toledo cast iron chiminea six years after taking delivery from us. They admit they are disgracefully lazy. They haven’t bothered to move their chim into the shed over winter, or even cover it up, since 2016. They didn’t even bother to make the photos look pretty. Here’s their Toledo, out in the rain as usual, looking rather splendid if we say so ourselves! To be honest it doesn’t look very different from brand new.

We’re impressed. But we also know the great condition it’s in is mostly down to the superb quality of the cast iron used to make the range, and all of our other cast iron chimineas. Because we insist on products made from particularly thick metal, they last and last.

We’ll give it another six years, then we’ll report back again and show you how this remarkable piece of alfresco entertainment kit has fared twelve years into its life. In the meantime, enjoy loads of outdoor fun with a chim of your own. You know you want to… 😉