Three XL chimineas – Big, bold and beautiful

XL chimineas

What size is your garden? Are you searching for a choice of three XL chimineas?

If your lawn, deck or patio is a little one, a smaller version of our beautiful chimineas makes perfect sense. You need to leave enough room around the edge for people to sit, stand, cook and move around safely, in comfort. We’ve got some stunning models for you in clay and cast iron, some decorated and some plain, in an exciting range of styles and colours.

But what if your garden is mahoosive, enormous, extensive? A space like that deserves a whopper of a chiminea. Maybe more than one. We have plenty whoppers for you, too. Check out all 35 of our XL chimineas here, and see our recommendations for three XL chimineas below.

The XL Asteria Chimalin AFC chiminea in green

Don’t you just love the colour of this jolly green giant? The XL Asteria blends beautifully with planting with its smooth, grass-green glaze. Taking a practical look at it, she comes with a large, wide mouth. Typical of Mexican chimeneas, this means the fire draws particularly well to create a hot fire. It also means there’s no need for a big fire. The shape and the clay body mean a small fire is enough to heat the chim dramatically – keep the fire small for large amounts of heat.

The special ‘Chimalin AFC’ clay has been created over eight years to resist thermal shock better than any other. The three legged stand means it’s safe and sturdy even on surfaces with a bit of a wobble. It’s a magical mathematical three-leg thing. It happily burns any fuel and comes with an attractive lid with a friendly round knob, perfect for rain-proofing when it isn’t in use. 129cm high and 51.6cm wide, it is handsome, hard-working and throws out masses of heat.

The XL Toledo cast iron chiminea

129cm high and 45cm wide, this is the biggest in the very popular Toledo cast iron chiminea collection. The subtle colour, a bronze-like finish, is really attractive. The design has a quirky steampunk edge. Because it’;s cast iron there’s no chance of thermal shock, so you can pack her with fuel and burn large fires inside. The metal gets spectacularly hot, radiating warmth into the surroundings on every side. You can easily stand or sit a bunch of people around this one in comfort.

This one’s also good for cooking thanks to the useful swing-out BBQ grill. It stays put with a little pin, removable for washing in a regular dishwasher or sink. While it takes most fuels, charcoal tends to be the best fuel for cooking and wood the best for heat. There’s also an XL Toledo decorated with 3d grapes, and a plain black version.

The large Tia steel chiminea

Maybe you’d like something big and bold in steel? The biggest steel chiminea we have is the Tia, long and slim and elegant with a patterned grilled front and fancy legs. It features its own handy swivel BBQ grill and it’s excellent value for such a big chim. It makes a smashing patio heater as well as a cool place to cook. Being lighter than cast iron models it’s easier to move around and more durable. Very easy to light and a top seller for years, it warms up fast and gives off lots of heat, and burns any kind of fuel.

Buy one or more chiminea for accessible alfresco fun

There’s no rule saying you can only have one chiminea. In a large garden you might want several, either all the same or different styles and materials, depending on their location. Whatever you choose they’re designed to make your outdoor space more accessible all year round. We wish you many wonderful outdoor events, parties, celebrations and more.