Quality chiminea accessories… unpacked!

Are you searching for the best quality chiminea accessories? We sent one of our customers a big pack of fun stuff to get them going, the accessories needed to create fire and cook in their large clay chiminea. Here’s what happened when they unpacked the Gardeco BBQ Grill, Poker, Cook Stick, Toast Fork, Tongs, Thermal Cover and Lava Stones, complete with photos. Let’s see what our friends think about the quality chimenea accessories we sent to heavenly Devon.

Quality chiminea accessories – The Gardeco BBQ Grill

A great quality BBQ grill to fit inside a chiminea, on top of the fire.

The BBQ grill came in a flat box, and we knew from the size it was going to be a big one! It’s shiny and heavy, obviously well made and built to last. A metal-surrounded wooden handle keeps things cool, so much better than a metal handle, which would presumably get far too hot. There’s room for loads of food on board and we’re really looking forward to testing it on the chim. The grill part itself comes with raised edges so the food won’t fall onto the fire – we like that. And it has four little metal feet to help it stay balanced.

The best Poker – Heavy, tough and easy to use

A really heavy good quality metal poker, tough and durable.

Another fun fire accessory. This poker is the kind of quality you expect from a popular maker, complete with a good heft and a clever double point at the end to help you move chunks of burning wood or other fuel around inside your chiminea efficiently without getting burned. It’s also handy for every other kind of fire, from a pizza oven to a fire pit. The circular handle makes it easy and comfy to grip and it’s finished in shiny black. The handle is wound around with thick metal wire at the top to add more strength and stability.

The Cook Stick – Cook ‘amazing’ with confidence!

A long, sturdy cook stick for cooking meat, fish, vegetable and fruit kebabs safely and beautifully.

The Cook Stick is another lovely quality thing, so much nicer than the cheap ones you often find in the shops. The metal part features little grooves to keep your food in place. It has a very sharp end, perfect for skewering food, which arrived covered with a thick plastic sleeve for safety – a good idea when you don’t want to injure the postman!

The pointed end is wider than the metal stick part, which keeps your food from dropping off the end. The cooking part is strong metal with a silvery coating and a slight bend for flexibility. The handle is chunky turned wood with a good grip. There’s a little leather hanging strap for easy storage. The only problem is what do we cook first? It’s a tricky choice ๐Ÿ˜‰

The top quality Toast Fork – Devilishly good

A strong, well designed Toast Fork for toasting so much more than bread!

Here’s the Toast Fork, which is billed as perfect for toasting or roasting all sorts of goodies. We’re thinking fruit and veg as well as toast itself and, of course, marshmallows. Never forget those! Again this is obviously a good thing, not cheap or nasty but well made and built to see us through many a year of cooking outdoors.

Unlike many toasting forks the flattened spikes on the end of each tine, which look just like tiny arrowheads, are shaped cleverly so your food won’t drop back into the fire. We can imagine how annoying that would be. It has a comfy-to-hold turned wooden handle to keep you safe from burned hands and fingers. And the little leather hanging loop is great for storage. Much better than having it rattling around in a box or drawer.

The Tongs – Incredibly well made

Very heavy metal tongs, thick and strong with a powerful grip.

More quality stuff in the shape of a fab set of fire tongs, with a tough shiny black finish. There’s a hanging loop in metal at the top, ideal for storing them somewhere sensible and easy to reach, and they’re big enough to pick up decent-sized chunks of fuel safely with ease. Divvying up the husband-wife alfresco responsibilities, this one’s clearly a fire tool for the man of the house ๐Ÿ˜‰

The pumice stones – Made from real volcanic lava

Pumice stones to protect the bottom of a clay chimenea from cracking through heat shock.

These are great. You only need one pack for the life of your chiminea. These lava stones last and last to protect the clay against thermal shock. As you can imagine, when the bottom of a clay chim gets very hot but the rest warms up more slowly, there’s a risk of cracking. These stones prevent it, making a superb bed for your fire, great for ventilation and the perfect way to create clean, hot flames.

We’ll be carefully seasoning our new clay chiminea the first time we use it. Apparently all we do is pour them into the chim’s belly, light a very small fire, and slowly build the fire up to get the clay used to being heated in this way. After that we’re golden. Clay chims never need a big fire, a small one is perfect. In this case, less is more.

Pumice stones, made from porous volcanic rock inside the belly of our chim, ready to fire her up.

The thermal chiminea cover – Warm and light

A large chiminea cover inside a small, very light package!

How cool is this? We’re thrilled with our chiminea cover, the ultimate in quality chiminea accessories. It feels like a very warm, light anorak or sleeping bag. It’s easy to roll up small for easy storage. It feels lovely with its quilted interior and smooth exterior, between which there’s a layer of 100% cotton insulation. And there’s clearly no way this baby will let any frost through. Deeply cosy. I quite fancy wearing it myself… as long as nobody’s looking ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here it is, unfolded to its full size. You can see the straps. Some have eyelets, this one has clips like you get on a rucksack.
It pulls easily over the chiminea to give a good close fit.
Here’s a close-up of a clip. You pull the cover down, pass the straps underneath and clip them together.
Doesn’t it look good? We love knowing our clay chim will be properly protected through winter and when we’re not using it.

The full set of quality chimenea accessories

Now all we need is some good weather.

We’re hoping the weekend will provide some sunshine but if not, as long as it’s dry we’ll be out there getting busy, discovering how to drive our new chimenea. We’ve got plenty of wood in store, ready and waiting, and we’re going to take photos of the seasoning process. We’ll also review the tools and accessories one by one as we use them, to give you an idea of how we get on. Come back soon to see real reviews from us down in Devon.

And a big thank you for the products. We’re definitely impressed with these great quality chiminea accessories.