Why buy a permanent masonry BBQ

Mediterrani Large Stone Masonry BBQ

We sell some amazing masonry BBQs, classy stone-effect barbecues in different designs. Some are brick BBQs, others have a natural stone or slate effect finish. But they’re all super-heavy, built to last for decades. Why buy a permanent masonry BBQ? There are all sorts of reasons, and we’re about to dive into them. Afterwards we’ll give you some bright ideas around where to site your stone barbecue, and how to create a practical, safe and attractive cooking area to make the most of it. Welcome to your long-term garden lifestyle. Let’s go.

Palazzetti Portorose Premium Wood Fired Masonry BBQ Grill

Why buy a permanent masonry BBQ?

Perfect for forever homes, a fantastic selling point

Have you just moved to your ‘forever home’? Maybe you’ve been at your place a while and you’ve decided you love it so much you won’t be moving any time soon. A stone BBQ is a permanent fixture, perfect when you’re planning to stay put. It also helps make a garden more attractive to other people. Imagine you want to sell your home. A well-set-up outdoor entertainment area is an excellent selling point, especially these days when outdoor living is more popular than ever.

Do you want to cook more?

Perhaps you’ve already discovered the outdoor lifestyle and invested in a decent BBQ, but now you’re ready for the next step, a more permanent way to cook up a storm in your garden. Maybe your table top BBQ isn’t man enough for the job any more – you want to cook more.

Get the relaxed, natural stone look

It might be a matter of looks. Some people like the look of a sleek black or silvery metal BBQ most of all, others prefer a softer, more natural look for their outdoor kitchen. Some garden styles suit the traditional stone effect or brick BBQ look much better than a contemporary steel BBQ. But when you want to make a long term investment, a masonry barbecue is a really good solution.

Exotic styling brings holidays home

The styling of these fab products tends to owe a lot to South America, Central America, and the Mediterranean. Think hot climates where people stay out late chatting and laughing, eating and drinking. Think holidays and good times. It’s a lovely vibe to bring to your garden and one of our attractive masonry BBQs will help you create the look and feel, the perfect focus for an outdoor entertainment space that lasts and lasts.

Dazzling BBQ performance

Performance-wise a stone BBQ works just as well as a metal one. The difference is simply in the materials the body of the bbq is made from. Some run on wood, others on charcoal, and we have one huge outdoor stone effect kitchen that burns all three. But they all have one thing in common – they’re BIG. A masonry barbecue is about cooking large, cooking with confidence, and creating a beautiful outdoor entertainment world for you, your family and friends.

Pan American Large Pan American Style Grill with Wood Fired Brazier
Large Pan American Style Grill with Wood Fired Brazier
Pan American XXL Large Pan American Style Grill
A brick BBQ with loads of cooking space and chunky good looks

Make the most of your masonry BBQ setting

Think logical, think space, do measuring!

First, choose the space. Next, measure it so you know for sure the stone effect barbie you want will fit. Will you stand it against a stone wall or leave plenty of space around it? Because they’re made from brick or stone-effect material they hold onto heat and radiate it out. If you have a large garden you might want to stand it in the centre of the area, making it into the focus. A fire of any kind makes a focal point people find hard to resist.

If you have wooden garden fencing, you can’t really stand a masonry barbecue against it. You’ll need enough space around the BBQ so you won’t risk making the fence too hot. The same goes for planting. Trees, shrubs, flowers and grass, none of them enjoy being scorched by radiant heat, so leave enough room around the edge so they don’t get hot.

Consider the surface you’ll stand it on

A stone or brick BBQ is a heavy thing. Some weigh as much as 850 or 900kg. And that means it’ll need a good, solid base to stand on. Damp, soft ground is no good. The sheer weight of the barbie means it could sink into the ground, ending up dangerously wonky. Many come with their own base but check the product description just in case you need to build your own concrete or stone base or get someone to do it for you.

Callow Dark Stone Mediterrani Masonry BBQ Grill

How will your masonry BBQW fit in with the garden furniture?

Where are you going to put your garden chairs, outdoor dining set, stools, coffee table or any other garden furniture you’ll be bringing into the area? Will you choose the BBQ first and base your outdoor entertainment equipment decisions around it? Or will you buy the furniture and accessories first then choose a stone BBQ to go with everything? It’s always worth thinking the order of things through first, before making a plan based on the actual measurements. Then you’ll end up with a comfortable area that works for cooking, eating, drinking and handing around, not an uncomfortable or crowded space with no room for having fun.

Palazzetti Portorose Premium Wood Fired Masonry BBQ Grill

When permanent outdoor entertainment is on your radar, you can’t go wrong with a stunning stone effect barbecue. They’re solid, heavy, and as tough as real stone. They give you lots of cooking flexibility, are easy to maintain and clean, and there’s no need for storage space. It’ll be fine, out there in the great British weather, for a very long time to come.

Palazzetti Ariel Outdoor BBQ Kitchen with Twin Gas Hob and Sink in peach
The massive Palazzetti Ariel – Runs on gas, charcoal, and wood.

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