4 best selling pizza ovens

As more of us spend more time in our own gardens than ever, pizza ovens have become a fast-growing trend. So which model do you choose? Here are four of our best selling pizza ovens, each with a different style but all great quality items, built to last. When your version of the alfresco lifestyle means pizza, pizza, and nothing but pizza, they’re perfect… but all of these best-sellers except the table top pizza oven can cook a wide variety of fabulous recipes.

The beautiful Callow Rustico Outdoor Brick Pizza Oven

When you want that classic Mediterranean look, go for the lusciously shaped Callow Rustico Outdoor Brick Pizza Oven. We love the way the craftspeople have arranged the bricks into a pleasing curve, and the contrast with the end-on bricks around the door. This is one heck of a sturdy customer too, a weighty pizza oven designed to stay outdoors all year round and last you for years and years. No wonder this one flies out of the warehouse. It’s just as good for slow-cooking tasty treats as it is for pizza, an outdoor oven that’s as versatile as it is rugged and practical.

Callow Rustico Outdoor Brick Pizza Oven
The stunning Callow Rustico brick pizza oven

Can you imagine this standing on a strong brick, stone or concrete surface, at the perfect height for cooking, a permanent fixture in your garden and the place where ‘delicious’ lives? People will be waiting on your doorstep for perfect pizza in less than a minute. You will have to close the curtains and pretend you’re out 😉

The magnificent Callow Mediterrani Royal Pizza Oven

Think hot Mediterranean style and make the Callow your go-to gadget for pizzas to remember. Like the brick Callow model above it’s beautifully made, by hand, by skilled people who know exactly how a pizza oven should work. The performance is quite spectacular, delivering a pizza to die for within less than 60 seconds, ideal when people are absolutely starving and desperate to tuck in. Every single element of this top class product is solid, great quality, and built to last.

Callow Mediterrani Royal Pizza Oven
The Callow Mediterrani Royal pizza oven – complete with exotic hand-thrown good looks.

This one arrives fully-assembled and ready to go. All you need is a suitable surface to stand it on, something strong and tough at the right height for comfortable cooking. It weighs in at 500kg so as you can imagine, it’s a long-lasting and permanent fixture for heavenly outdoor entertainment.

The seriously handy Tepro Table Top Pellet Fired Pizza Oven

Small outdoor space? Low-key entertainment for a special few? This is your pizza oven, a table top pizza oven designed to create gorgeous pizzas in no time at all. Slide it in and the heat does its job quickly to bake crisp, hot pizza with every type of topping. Easy to use, and simple to store thanks to the folding legs, it’s tough and well made.

Tepro Table Top Pellet Fired Pizza Oven
The popular Tepro table top pizza oven – perfect when you want nothing but pizza!

This wee beauty is an excellent addition to a smaller garden, taking up minimal space but offering perfect performance every time. It’s easily portable for pizza on the go and burns pellets like nobody’s business, efficient and very hot.

Shiny good looks – The Callow Large Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven

Doesn’t this fab steel pizza oven look wonderful in this traditional-look patio area? It looks just as dramatic and handsome in a contemporary garden, with its pleasing curved top and sleek chimney. Like the others we’ve featured it’s high on performance, designed to operate just as efficiently as commercial alternatives. It’s a long-lasting build made for years of outdoor pleasure. Because it comes on an integral stand it’s already at the right height for cooking. And you can cook so many things in it as well as pizza.

Callow Large Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven
The shiny, classy Callow Large Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven

As you can see it’s fine to stand on a deck, and looks fantastic teamed with today’s trend for charcoal, black, or grey garden furniture and accessories, as well as complementing wood really nicely.

Bring more pizza into your life

This is how to bring more pizza into your life, and do it in style. The large ones all cook a lot more than pizza, letting you expand and elaborate on the potential for even yummier outdoor cuisine. Which will suit your garden and lifestyle best?

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