3 fabulous best selling firebowls

Cook King Polo 80cm Fire Bowl

It’s that time of year again and we’re out there in the garden having a fine time together. In this article we’re featuring three best selling firebowls to add cosiness, a focus for the fun, mood lighting and atmosphere to your garden lifestyle. Add cooking accessories to the first model in our feature if you like, to make it a space-saving all -in-one fire and BBQ.

Let’s explore the romance, the comfort and the great looks of these popular yet very different models.

The smoothly-stylish Cook King Kongo firebowl

Cook King Kongo Deep 85cm Fire Bowl

The Cook King Kongo Deep 85cm Fire Bowl is a wonderful shape, smooth and elegant. The bowl itself is deep and the steel is thick and sturdy. The chunky legs balance the design perfectly, giving it a classy look as well as keeping it safely stable even when the ground isn’t perfectly flat. Three legs are more stable simply because at any point all three legs are touching the ground, making it much more difficult to tip. Four legs means one leg might not be able to touch the ground because the legs are perpendicular, therefore easier to tip. Clever!

The side handles make it easy to move once it has cooled down. The strong crude 3mm steel slowly develops a beautiful natural patina. But you can easily keep it shiny if you like. To stop the patina developing, rub it with an edible oil like vegetable oil to prevent rust. Add a separate cooking grill to turn it into a fantastic barbie.

Accessories include the Cook King Black Steel Grate Tripod Grill, 80cm Grill Plate with Grate, Mesh Screen for Fire Bowls, and 80.5cm Steel Lid for Fire Bowls, available separately. The dimensions are H55 x W85 x D85cm and it weighs 22kg.

Best selling firebowls – The funky, fun Lifestyle Prestige Premium Fire Pit

Lifestyle Prestige Premium Fire Pit
Lifestyle Prestige Premium Fire Pit

The Lifestyle Prestige Premium Fire Pit is a totally different look. Think about an intricate Victorian lamp post, fresh out of a book by Dickens, then add a contemporary twist and you’ve nailed it. The antiqued finish, the exciting detailing and the 360 degree fire makes it a wonderful choice for a focal point. Gather around it and watch the magic of real flames, a lovely way to add character and comfort to your time outdoors.

The 360° protective screen lets the fire glow through, spreading warmth efficiently. The hinged easy-access door makes it a pleasure to use, nice and easy. A removable ash catcher means it’s simple to keep clean and an adjustable chimney hood controls the airflow, therefore the flames. But the rustic coppery patina is the star of the show. The size? Diameter: 80 cm, height: 152 cm – nice and big.

The Happy Cocooning Round Fire Pit in Black

Happy Cocoon Round Fire Pit in Black

This model is another completely different design, this time in a clever heat resistant material that looks and feels like concrete but is actually a tough composite material. The smooth good looks, thick rim and realistic-looking ceramic firewood included make it popular with people whose garden is modern, the ideal complement to a sleek contemporary space. The lava stones you can see, which look just like coals, are also included.

Because the Happy Cocooning Round Fire Pit in Black runs on bottled gas it’s clean and efficient, with no mess to clear up. It comes with a 2.5m Gas Hose, 30Mbar Gas Regulator, a handy bottle of paint and brush for fast touching up, and a fitted grey PVC Protective Cover. The ignition is electric and you regulate the flame height via the control panel.

KIWA GASTEC Approved and a quality item through and through, the dimensions are H 42 x W 61 x D 61cm and it weighs 30kg. Exactly what you need to enjoy instant outdoor fire.

Inspired by our top best selling firebowls? Now all you need is some fantastic garden furniture to chill out on 😉

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