12 uses for the deliciously stylish Florenity plant shelf

Florenity Grigio Plant Shelf in Grey

It’s cool, calm and beautifully designed. It comes in three on-trend shades. And it is seriously versatile, a brilliantly simple way to add fun, colour and fresh inspiration to your garden. Here’s what you need to know about the Florenity Plant Shelf, an unusually popular garden accessory, along with 12 imaginative ways to make the most of it in your own slice of the great outdoors.

About the Florenity plant shelf

This is not just a plant shelf… it’s a Florenity plant shelf, and that means quality. It comes in either grey, sage green or a strong and subtle blue, all bang on-trend at the moment and all capable of blending perfectly with every style of garden.

The French-inspired look is really lovely, with its shabby chic edge. It’s made from top quality materials with a lasting finish. The frame is made of sustainable eucalyptus wood, tough and weatherproof. The styling is simple, fresh, and clean-lined. And it comes with a host of exciting matching products for a pro designed-looking garden.

The wood is certified by the FSC, complete with good environmental credentials, and your dimensions are a generous 135cm high by 100 wide and 30 deep. It’s built to last for years and you get a full one year guarantee.

So what, exactly, can you use it for? It’s very versatile, which means it’s perfect for creative ideas and unusual uses. Here are 12 interesting uses for the Florenity plant shelf.

Florenity Verdi Plant Shelf
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12 ways to make the most of the Florenity Plant Shelf

  1. Buy several to create a dramatic vertical wall of colour and greenery – you could set them up with a gap in between leading to the rest of the garden, making the view mysterious like the best garden designers do
  2. Use a collection of them to demark your garden entertainment space, with your BBQ to the side and a heat and light source like a chimenea or fire pit in the centre for people to gather around
  3. Stand multiple pots of spring bulbs in old tin buckets
  4. Use either the same coloured and sized pots or a variety of different colours and sizes. You can add instant colour and interest to ordinary terra cotta plant pots easily with leftover household paint
  5. Fill it with pots of frothy dangling, rambling and climbing plants so thick and lush that the shelves themselves disappear
  6. Use them to hide things like your bins, the kids’ play area, or the compost heap
  7. Create shade where you need it with a luscious wall of greenery
  8. Go formal with lots of pots containing the same miniature evergreen, laid out in perfect lines
  9. Forget plants. Use the shelf to display garden ornaments
  10. Make an interesting focal point by displaying sea shells, smooth beach pebbles and driftwood, creating a seaside vibe in your back garden
  11. Hang glass baubles from the shelves to make your planting into a festive outdoor display – and deck the shelves with bunting in summer to add extra colour
  12. Stash the family’s wellies on the shelves out of the weather, keep your crockery and cutlery on it safely while you BBQ, put your bottles of booze and soft drinks on one shelf and glasses on another

You might have some exciting ideas of your own…

Florenity Galaxy Plant Shelf
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